The Dutch Are At It Again

December 2007

The Dominican Province in the Netherlands has issued a 38-page booklet, Kerk en Ambt ("Church and Ministry"), to all Dutch parishes. The booklet advocates opening the priesthood to homosexuals, women, and married men. Where priests are currently not available, the Dominicans insist that lay ministers should be able to celebrate the Eucharist. (The Netherlands is suffering a severe priest shortage.)

According to John L. Allen Jr. (, Sept. 27), "The authors also suggest that all the people at Mass should say the words of institution together, symbolizing that these are not 'magic words' that are the sole prerogative of an ordained priest. Receiving the Eucharist, they propose, should be open to all, including members of other religions." Magic? Transubstantiation is a miracle that can only be effected with the grace of God by a consecrated priest.

The Dutch Dominicans who wrote the booklet should be excommunicated. But they will not be -- because of the dwindling clergy in the Netherlands. Before the Second Vatican Council, the Netherlands had a robust Church, sending missionaries throughout the world. Now it appears that the Netherlands has itself become mission territory.

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New Oxford Notes: December 2007

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Who said the Jesuits were the worst order? With the OP's, it's either this, the nonsense with their former master general Radcliffe (well documented in the NOR), or hiding behind the veneer of Saint Thomas Aquinas at Providence College (which they administer), practically the biggest party school on the east coast! And how about Gustuvo Gutierrez, O.P., (NOT S.J.), Father of Liberation Theology?

No, the Jebs aren't wonderful, but appear to be on the path to recovery (Peter Kreeft and others at Boston College, and the Trid at Georgetown are good signs). But to those who mention that there are still many good Dominicans (and there are, esp. in D.C.), don't use that to sanctimoniously defend the indefensible.
Posted by: jjackson
December 20, 2007 04:44 PM EST
"The Dutch Dominicans who wrote the booklet should be excommunicated. But they will not be -- because of the dwindling clergy in the Netherlands." How does keeping this kind of heresy helpful? The Church should have the leader called to Rome to relearn his faith and/or close down that order. The damage being done by the Jebs and orders such as these dominicans is hugh and there is no rationale, that I can visualize, that would support allowing them to continue. Contrary to popular belief, there is only one Catholic Church, not several depending upon which cafeteria you wish to attend. But the Vatican continues to be silent as does the Congregation of Bishops. That's called leadership and the teachers of Men! Posted by: wunsch
January 07, 2008 01:55 PM EST
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