Telephone Skills — And Other Classes for Women

December 2003

A friend of the NOR entered a gratis subscription for us to The Liberator, a kind of samizdat publication. The subtitle of the publication is rather puzzling: Defender of Men. We didn’t know men needed to be defended. On the other hand, much of the publication is taken up with telling about how men have been shafted by divorce courts. Admittedly, this is something new for us.

The Liberator says in boldface type that it’s For Regular Guys. O.K., we can resonate with that. It also declares in bold print that it provides The politically incorrect news other don’t dare print. Well, the NOR is up to such a dare.

Because we’re willing to prove them wrong, we’ll print something from their September-October issue. It’s called “Classes for Women” by Mel Stanley, these being “training courses for women.”

These training courses are definitely politically incorrect — and certain readers of the fair sex might find them over the top. So with that warning, here are some of them:

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New Oxford Notes: December 2003

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