Covenant Correction

November 2009

We've all been misunderstood at some point in our lives. And there have been times when we wish we could have expressed ourselves more clearly. And, surely, there have been times when we've been flat-out wrong. Precious are those few opportunities to clarify or correct ourselves. Certainly we've all regretted missing such an opportunity.

Turns out the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is no different.

In June of this year the USCCB issued a document titled "A Note on Ambiguities Contained in 'Reflections on Covenant and Mission.'" If you missed it, you can be forgiven; in its humility, the USCCB released its rare corrective document with little fanfare. The message was received loud and clear, however, by those to whom it pertained.

In 2002 the USCCB released "Reflections on Covenant and Mission," a document on Catholic-Jewish relations prepared by advisors to the bishops' Committee on Ecumenical and Religious Affairs and the National Council of Synagogues. "Reflections" grew out of the Catholic-Jewish dialogues at the time and has colored the ongoing dialogues ever since.

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New Oxford Notes: November 2009

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I almost hate to say it but "Ho HUM". Of course we must spread the saving Gospel. My biggest disappointment with American Jews (here I hazard to generalize) is their liberal bent and resultant support of things antithetical to the Catholic point of view when it comes to politics and what direction this country should go in. I would have thought that Jews, with the exception of who Christ is, would have many of the same values that we have. Instead you find many pro choice and libertarian in their views. Posted by: awunsch
December 30, 2009 08:54 PM EST
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