The Woeful Plight of Iraqi Christians

November 2007

Bishop Ibrahim N. Ibrahim, a Chaldean Catholic in Iraq, preached an astonishing sermon on June 19 at the Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in Southfield, Mich. According to a Catholic News Service report written by Robert Delaney (The Catholic Voice, July 2), Bishop Ibrahim delivered his sermon in Arabic, later providing an English translation of his major points.

Delaney reports that "The current situation [in Iraq] puts Christians in the hazardous position of being perceived as being allied with the foreign occupiers, but the Americans provide no special protection for them, the bishop [said]." Bishop Ibrahim also said, "When the world's major superpower has 150,000 troops in that country [Iraq], is a terrible thing.... they cannot defend human life and human rights." According to Delaney, "even with" the "surge in U.S. forces already in place, there is no security in Baghdad, [the Bishop] noted." Bishop Ibrahim said, "Things are worse and worse and worse..., even for the Americans. The best thing is to withdraw, and then let the brothers attack each other." According to Delaney, "Bishop Ibrahim...believes the [internal] warring factions would eventually reach some sort of power-sharing arrangement."

Delaney writes that "The best hope for improving the situation in Iraq would probably be for troops from other Arab countries under the auspices of the United Nations to be sent in to replace withdrawing U.S. forces, in Bishop Ibrahim's view."

Take it from Bishop Ibrahim; he has seen the destruction and devastation firsthand.

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New Oxford Notes: November 2007

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I agree with your assesment of the war and your article, with one exception-GEN Petraeus has reached the pinnacle of his profession. The 5-star rank, General of the Army, is inactive, and has been since the end of WWII. The last General of the Army was Omar Bradley, who passed in, I believe, 1982 or 1983. Posted by: lyricmac
November 07, 2007 12:21 PM EST
This is an interesting world. Catholics were better off under Sadaam (and had a Catholic helping him - must have been his good work for the day each day he worked). Now, with oil prices causing an economic crisis, we're told that it makes no sense to drill for the oil we have. The comment "We lost the Vietnam War." is interesting, we didn't lose the war, we left, surrendered, and many died. I guess that was OK too. Just as something that sounds too good to be true, usually isn't, I suspect that most of this fuzzy logic is also too good to be true. By the way, don't use the NY Times as a source on this subject if you want to be credible. It takes courage and trust in God to win and win we can but now if we go by the standard expressed in this article. Posted by: awunsch
June 26, 2008 01:56 PM EDT
Couldn't have said it better.
I didn't realize we had a "Catholics for Saddam" group at NOR.
Posted by: daweeds
September 10, 2008 01:24 AM EDT
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