John Michael Talbot

November 2006

With John Michael Talbot (known as JMT), we've held our fire. A former country-rock star, he went from "riches to rags" as a monastic hermit. He has a good heart.

In his Brothers and Sisters of Charity newsletter, October 2003, hailing from the Little Portion Hermitage in Berryville, Arkansas, he had an article titled "Factions Within the Church." We held our fire -- but we'll get to that later. In The Brothers and Sisters of Charity newsletter of July 2006, there is an article by Mark Shepler called "Holy or Judgmental." We can no longer hold our fire. Shepler says: "Judgmentalism is a sin that is highly repulsive to God…. Judgmentalism is fueled by our own misguided pride and precludes forgiveness…." So who is being judgmental? It's Shepler! He's judging "misguided pride" and the inability to "forgive."

Shepler says we must "tolerate...those who [sic] God puts on our path during the day," but Shepler won't tolerate those with "misguided pride." He says we must extend "unilateral forgiveness to others," but he won't extend "unilateral forgiveness" to those who are unable to forgive. He's just going in circles.

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New Oxford Notes: November 2006

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the guy should stick to his music. Posted by: gespin3549
November 10, 2006 06:44 AM EST
This is the typical attitude of those "liberal" catholics who tolled in on the Vatican II wave (St Louis Jesuits, etc.). To me VAtican II was not only a big mistake, but also could have been a highly organized plot to allow "certain" people to take over the management of the Church. Much Prayer is needed for a complete cleansing. Posted by: santine
November 12, 2006 12:19 PM EST
OH! Those evil days of pre-vatican II ... you know when the churches and seminaries were full! Good thing the greatest thing since sliced bread (Vatican II) finally came and liberated us from being smushed at Mass.

Gimme a break.
Posted by: Poopymcjones
November 13, 2006 08:36 PM EST
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