Our Churches Will Be Empty

November 2006

The newly appointed Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship for the Holy See, Archbishop Albert Ranjith, was interviewed by the I Media news agency. Reporting on the I Media interview, the August/September Catholic World Report (CWR) stated that he supports the "reform of the post-conciliar liturgy," this according to CWR. The Publisher of CWR is Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., and one of his passions is to "reform the reform" — that is, reforming the New vernacular Mass. Fr. Fessio is not a big fan of the Tridentine Latin Mass.

However, in The Remnant (July 31), in the same I Media interview with Archbishop Ranjith, it was reported: "In the end, the people will assist at [attend] the Tridentine Mass and our churches [the New Mass] will empty," this according to Archbishop Ranjith himself. That quote was not mentioned in CWR. Wonder why? This was the bombshell!

Before Vatican II in the U.S., Mass attendance per week was 70-74 percent; now it's ranging around 25-33 percent. (Of course, this is a taboo subject.) For more statistics, all of them declining, see our January 2004 New Oxford Note, pages 22-24, which relies on the book by Kenneth C. Jones, Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II (Roman Catholic Books, 2003; 970-490-2735; www.BooksForCath­olics.com). In France the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), with its Tridentine Mass, has greater attendance per week than the New vernacular Mass. Amazing.

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New Oxford Notes: November 2006

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Finally! Posted by: gespin3549
November 01, 2006 07:32 AM EST
The reason the liberal liturgists have been so zealous at wreckovating our churches and destroying our altars is to sever once and for all any link to the Tridentine Liturgy... And this is because they know, at least subconciously, that if the Tridentine Mass were ever allowed to return, it would begin the demise of their whole desacralizing agenda. Satan does not give up ground without a fight - this is a battle for the very soul of the Church. Posted by: astriddj
November 01, 2006 09:55 AM EST
I grew up with the Tridentine Latin Mass, and a strict, strong, unchanging Catholic Church.

When I was a teenager, everything changed. Not just the Mass, but the whole approach to the Catholic faith. I drifted - rapidly - away from The Church.

I have heard all the reasons "why" it was important to abandon the practices and principles of 2000 years: people didn't "understand" the Mass in Latin (we didn't? I did, for one, and wherever I went, I felt at home at the Mass); we didn't participate enough in the old Mass (have you been to a Tridentine Mass and observed how much participation there is?); the Church needed to get in step with "modern" times (why? did God change?); the Church needed to concern itself with "social justice" issues (God's justice is not man's justice, otherwise, all people would be born identical. It is the Church's obligation, and Catholic's obligation, to give ot the poor, and to assist the needy, and mainly to save souls, not to correct the geopolitical ills of the world).

In the Latin Mass I attend, fully 2/3 of the parishoners are young families and teenagers. The choir is all people under 20. The majority of the congregation receives Communion. Confessions (real in-the-confessional confessions, not counseling sessions in the rectory) before Mass and on Thursdays are lined up 30 deep, and penances go far beyond a few Hail Marys. People arrive for Mass half an hour early, and won't leave the pews after Mass until the last candle is extinguished. Parents bring their little ones to the altar after Mass to visit St. Joseph, or to light a candle. Everyone sings the Kyrie, the Gloria, and the Credo (so much for participation). Everyone lingers outside the church (not inside, mind you, where they are quiet and reverent, but outside) to say hello, and to thank the priest for his sermon - which sermons, by the way, are long, instructive, and pull no punches - and which are followed carefully by the congregation.

If my experience is any indication, I do believe that Catholics would flock to the Tridentine Mass - and the traditional Church - if it were available. Yes, it's harder to be a Catholic in the old sense, but the spiritual rewards are hard to put into words.
Posted by: nrobert2
November 01, 2006 10:12 AM EST
I grew up with the Tridentine Mass and I still attend the Tridentine Mass (FSSP) priests. I would not go to a NO Mass, nor would I fund or attend a dioceses that prohibits the Old Latin Mass. Sick of your Bishop, DO NOT contribute!!!! Posted by: glenormand
November 01, 2006 12:13 PM EST
The fact that a particular prediction was made doesn't mean it will come true. I'm a young (33 yr old) Byzantine Catholic who's prayed at many a beautiful Tridentine Mass -- and I am sure that the young, faithful members of the Church will NOT abandon the Novus Ordo. I won't either. The reform of the Novus Ordo is my prediction for the future. And the disobedience of the Pius X group hasn't helped. Maybe more faithful young people would attend the Tridentine Mass if they didn't associate it with disobedience to the Holy Father and the Church. Pius X has been a scandal! Posted by: aunt_suze
November 17, 2006 09:10 AM EST
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