Integrity or a Lie?

October 2007

According to The Times of London (as reported by the Catholic News Agency, Aug. 3), "Vicky" Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, said the Anglican Church of England would be close to shutting down if it weren't for "gay" and lesbian clergy. No doubt, this is true.

Robinson said that many clergy live with "gay" and lesbian partners, with the full knowledge of their Church of England bishops, but their bishops warn them against making their relationships public. This is subterfuge, actually a lie.

Robinson said, "It's a terrible way to live your life and I think it's a terrible way to be a church. I think integrity is so important. What does it mean for a clergy person to be in the pulpit calling the parishioners to a life of integrity when they can't even live a life of integrity with their own bishops and their own church?"

What's better, a lie or integrity? A lie is immoral and a sin. Integrity is moral and just -- but in this case it is being marshaled for an immoral end. But Robinson doesn't realize that.

Anglicans want the full truth -- don't they? Or do they prefer to be lied to?

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i don't suppose normal parents would bring their children to a church like this. These pastors would have to agressively recruit new members since they don't know how to use their own. Posted by: Henry Patrick
October 09, 2007 05:01 PM EDT
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