Delusions of Grandeur

October 2007

In the July 30 issue of The American Conservative, ex-Senator Rick Santorum takes a thumping in an article by Michael Brendan Dougherty titled "Santorum Against the World: The Ex-Senator Sets the Culture War Aside to Preach Paranoia in Our Time."

Santorum is now working at the neocon Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he is directing the America's Enemies Program -- involving "Islamo­fascists," Latin American populists, Russia, and the list goes on. Dougherty says, "In his post Senate speeches, Santorum has explained how he transformed from culture warrior to foreign policy warrior…. Now he is building support for regime change in Iran…."

In June 2006, when Santorum was in the Senate, he promoted a bill that would have brought the U.S. to the threshold of all-out war with Iran -- i.e., regime change. Luckily, the Senate thwarted it.

Dougherty continues, "Like many evangelicals, [James] Dobson's interests now include foreign policy. In May [on his Focus on the Family radio show], he dedicated two days of his show to broadcasting a Santorum stemwinder." In the speech Dobson aired, Santorum says he is out "to conquer the world." And he means it. Pope Benedict XVI cried out for an end to all wars, characterizing them as "useless slaughters" that bring Hell to earth (July 22, Angelus Address given in Lorenzago di Cadore, Italy). Santorum has delusions of grandeur.

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New Oxford Notes: October 2007

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Santorum has delusions? It also pays to be on one side of an issue rather than the other. Posted by: Henry Patrick
October 08, 2007 05:58 PM EDT
Rather strange article to say the least. When the Berlin wall fell, a regime change followed without a shot fired, but then it wasn't due to negotiation either. One can have a regime change policy without it meaning that war is the outcome. If one is to take Iran's leader seriously, then they will,indeed, nuke Israel off the map if they succeed in getting a nuclear capability. Is he bluffing? Maybe. We can, of course, wait until someone uses a nuclear weapon before we respond (assuming that we can still do so) but that doesn't seem, to me, to be a particularly effective policy. Why Santorum is in the authors sight, I don't know but if abortion vice war is what the author wants to address, then he should take on those who can make a difference - Senators Kennedy, Leahy, Durbin, Kerry, Pelosi in the House etc. Good Catholics all eh? Posted by: wunsch
October 25, 2007 05:20 PM EDT
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