Spilling the Beans

October 2001

No doubt you’ve read articles about prospective seminarians being rejected by vocations directors because they’re orthodox, and about orthodox seminarians who manage to get in under the radar being ejected from seminary because they’ve been found out. Often it’s a shrink hired by the vocations office or seminary who “gets the goods” on the young man.

We’ve read oodles of such accounts. But when we’ve seen vocations directors or seminary officials queried about this, the response is uniformly, “Oh no, we’d never blackball someone for being orthodox.”

Yeah, right. The anecdotal evidence is just too overwhelming for such a response to be believable in every case.

So, hats off to Eugene Kennedy, a psychology professor at Loyola University Chicago. An honest dissenter, he in effect spills the beans.

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New Oxford Notes: October 2001

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