A Question of Conviction

September 2008

The Catholic Church was once the great patroness of the arts. She commissioned artists who produced what have come to be regarded as some of the history's greatest works of art. The great artists created works of timeless value for the human family and the glory of God.

Now, it seems, to be an artist one must be a rebel after a fashion. Art must be "challenging" to have "social value." The sacred must be profaned -- the crucifix dumped in a bottle of urine and the Virgin Mary covered in dung, for example. Controversy and irreverence rule in the milieu of modern art.

But when profane art appears on a Catholic campus, what is one to do?

When a black-and-white woodcut relief depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe as a stripper was included in an art display at the University of Dallas (UD), a Catholic institution, university president Francis Lazarus did nothing.

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New Oxford Notes: September 2008

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The word the president of the university [university or overgrown high school?] is courage.

Gabriel Austin
Posted by: Gabriel Austin
September 16, 2008 01:28 PM EDT
It seems that one of major attributes of a Univesity President is the absense of common sense and ability to make a decision. I continue to be amazed at those in society that are challenged by the ability to discern between freedom(academic in this case)and appropiate behavior. The painting should not have been put on display. In my opinion, by the way, the artist?'s rationale is a cannard . Posted by: awunsch
September 26, 2008 12:34 PM EDT
You wrote, "When sacrilegious art -- like a painting of the Virgin Mary wearing a G-string -- appears on a Catholic campus, what's the proper response?"

The question is moot. When a campus actually tolerates and accepts such an abomination, it is no longer a Catholic campus. Were it truly a Catholic campus, the student body would rise up in revolt and destroy the offensive material and run the "artist" as well as whatever imbecile authorized the material right off campus. What did Jesus do when the coin changers and sales guys were defiling His Father's House? he ran them out with a switch. What did St. Michael do when Satan and his legions proclaimed, "We will not serve?" He ran them out at the end of his sword. Why are these so-called "Catholic" campuses overflowing with wretched cowards???
Posted by: gespin3549
September 26, 2008 05:48 PM EDT
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