"What? You're Not Depressed?"

July-August 1999

We were talking with a friend of the NOR who sends his teenage child to a posh private high school. Our friend was shocked to learn from the principal that some 50 percent of the students are on prescription anti-depressants. We were shocked too. After all, these kids have everything: the best education, the best clothes, frequent vacations to exotic places. Many drive to school in a BMW or Mercedes of their own. Many girls show up at school dances in sexually provocative dresses -- obviously with parental approval. Parents even rent hotel suites for their kids to have drinking parties. Many of the kids are known to be "sexually active" and into drugs.

These kids have everything their hearts desire -- and they're depressed! "Clinically" depressed! Some even threaten suicide. Does it dawn on anyone that materialism and hedonism don't make people happy? In particular, does this ever dawn on the psychiatrists, those who treat symptoms rather than causes by prescribing pills? What if Jesus played a key role in these kids' lives? Ah, meaning in life -- and it's utterly free. What a dangerously subversive thought! Gads, Jesus just might cause a truly fearsome depression -- an economic depression. He would certainly put a dent in the shrink business.

New Oxford Notes: July-August 1999

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The father of the child who attends this school has an obligation to withdraw his child immediately, unless of course, he is as bad a parent as his wealthy contemporaries. Many Baby-boomer and post-baby boomer American parents see their children as commodities that exist to perform for them, anyway. Posted by: Caroline
September 11, 2006 09:31 AM EDT
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