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July-August 2007

What do Protestants do when they confess their sins to God? They pray. But that's so easy. How do they know that God forgives them? They have to pray over and over again. Still, can they be sure God has forgiven them? It's a quagmire. Protestants can't be sure.

According to the Miami Herald (April 29), Greg Fox runs the website www.dailyconfession.com, where Protestants can type in their sins for public viewing. He averages about 1.3 million hits a day. Fox says, "What makes it so popular is not so much the people confessing but people going to read all these things, saying 'My life's not so bad.'" Bobby Gruenewald, Pastor of www.LifeChurch.tv, started the online confession site www.mysecret.tv nearly a year ago. According to the Miami Herald: "The church has received some criticism, Gruenewald said, from people who think that 'we're trying to encourage people to confess to a computer instead of God. We just believe it is a catalyst to have people open up to family and friend and God. I think sometimes it can be misunderstood.'"

There are confessors online, and all cyber confessions are anonymous. No doubt God listens to computers, but.... Can those who confess online be sure that God has forgiven them?

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New Oxford Notes: July-August 2007

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