A Dirty Little Secret

July-August 2004

As we all know, liberal Catholics are all in favor of immigration from the developing countries. (And so are we.)

However, the liberal Catholics are opposed to immigration in (at least) one case: They don't want Catholic priests coming here to make up for our dearth of vocations. There are two basic reasons for this.

First, we all know that the dearth of vocations is due to the dissolvent of liberal Catholicism. The liberals are quite content with the paucity of vocations, because it's intended to put pressure on the Church to ordain women and married men — and eventually to have a same-sex "married" priesthood, as in the Episcopal Church. But with immigrant priests filling the gap, the pressure diminishes.

Second, liberal Catholics don't like the orthodox Catholicism and traditional sex roles that priests bring with them from Mexico, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Poland, etc. Writing in America (Feb. 16), Fr. Willard F. Jabusch regards "imported" priests as a "problem." He worries that immigrant priests won't "have sympathy with our American culture," that is, our decadent American culture. Jabusch complains that immigrant priests have not "learned" our "American customs and attitudes, especially regarding the laity and the women's movement." The "women's movement"? He means the feminist establishment.

In a follow-up letter in America (March 8), R.J. Kowalik, obviously a deracinated Slav who has "learned" American attitudes and has had his consciousness lowered by the feminist establishment, chimes in that immigrant priests "cannot be understood…culturally." Clearly, Kowalik fears multiculturalism. Kowalik adds that "lay people" should stand behind the efforts being made "to ordain women and married men to the priesthood." Well, of course.

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New Oxford Notes: July-August 2004

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Yep. Our Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, chairman of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Migration, has I think only 1 African priest in this whole diocese of approximately 1,047,675 Catholics. Dissent abounds out here in the Diocese of San Bernardino. Posted by: jim5150jvc
May 04, 2006 04:09 PM EDT
The two dioceses to which I've belonged (I moved recently) have been more fortunate in that regard - one of our regular priests in the semi-monthly rotation (for at least a few years we did not have a priest assigned to the Parish) was a Vietnamese man - a Father Hui, possibly? I've probably butchered that - but a very effective Priest in any case. In the last year before we moved, we had several travelling missionaries conduct Mass, including a Priest from the south-west region of Africa. Besides the unusual (and refreshing) accent, he was also reassuringly orthodox. Posted by: bkoepp
May 04, 2006 05:18 PM EDT
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