The Weight of the World

July-August 2002

When VandenBurg wrote about the "last" acceptable prejudice, he didn't realize how final the situation is. Hold on to your love handles, folks: Things are about to get heavy -- real heavy!

Evidently, overweight kids are holding more than Twinkies and Cheetos in their chubby paws -- they also hold the fate of the world! "Children...are...heavier now than they were even 10 years ago," says Naomi Neufield, Director of KidShape, a nonprofit weight-loss program in Los Angeles, quoted in "Too Heavy, Too Young," an article in Time magazine (Jan. 21, 2002). "We can't even imagine the medical costs we will be seeing in the future. It feels like Armageddon."


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New Oxford Notes: July-August 2002

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