Opposed to Abortion, But...

July-August 2001

Msgr. Owen Campion has a regular column in Our Sunday Visitor, and he usually discusses Church matters and does so in a lackluster manner. Consequently, we often skip over Campion’s column. But for some reason we read his column in the April 1 Visitor. It was about Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) — and it was strangely zestful!

Campion zinged that liberal pro-abortion outfit for being a “shadow of an organization” that “essentially exists only on letterhead” and chided the media for nevertheless coddling that bogus Catholic group and assiduously quoting its views. It was refreshing to see the Monsignor get himself worked up. Bravo!

And he was especially ticked off by CFFC’s attempt to get the Holy See bounced out of the United Nations. He defended the Holy See’s presence at the U.N. this way: “The Holy See has decidedly opposed abortion in U.N. debates, but it also has been a great voice for peace, justice and compassion in the world” (italics added).

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New Oxford Notes: July-August 2001

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