"I Am the Alpha And the Lambda"??

July-August 2000

There’s a Protestant church in the neighborhood in whose glass-covered signboard out front is a poster announcing, “ALL ARE WELCOME!” On the poster are eight people, both male and female, of various races and/or ethnicities, including a child. They are gathered around a very large paschal candle.

As you know, a paschal candle has the Greek letter alpha (capitalized) toward the top and the Greek letter omega (capitalized) toward the bottom. But this paschal candle is different. While the alpha is still there, the omega is not, having been replaced by the Greek letter lambda (capitalized).

Now, lambda is one of the several symbols homosexuals use to affirm their homosexual “lifestyle” (no, it’s not just for lesbians).

So, what gives? A typographical error? No, it couldn’t be, for the lambda is not printed with typography; it’s hand-drawn.

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New Oxford Notes: July-August 2000

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