Femi-Nuns in the Echo-Chamber

June 2012

“Everyone is entitled to his opinion” — so goes the old adage. And there’s more than a germ of truth in that. What that adage is too pithy to include, however, is that before we form an opinion, we need to make an honest effort to understand the issue at hand. That means — ideally — that we seek out facts, analyze them with a critical eye, and evaluate and interpret them in light of some objective criteria. Failing this preliminary legwork, we’re prone to knee-jerk reactions, to forming opinions that are meaningless and misleading.

The Vatican’s recent call for a deep reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) has lit up opinion pages in major newspapers and magazines across the country. The mainstream media love a Vatican controversy. It’s an easy target, especially since most American newsmen, editorialists, and talking heads understand precious little about religion in general, and internal Church matters in particular. It comes as no surprise, then, that countless pundits have taken this as another opportunity to slam the Vatican, not with honest criticism of some wayward decision or action, but with knee-jerk reactions grounded in scant facts. One wonders: Does anyone read primary source material anymore? How many, for instance, actually read the text of the Vatican’s document on the LCWR before lighting the cannon or cocking the pistol?

This April, after a three-year investigation into the state of non-cloistered women’s religious life in the U.S., the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) released an eight-page report on the doctrinal health of the LCWR and its affiliated congregations. The LCWR represents about 55,000 sisters in eighty percent of the women’s religious congregations in the U.S. The CDF’s report, titled “Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious,” is based on the findings of apostolic visitator Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, and cites a number of egregious theological and doctrinal errors advanced by the LCWR, including dissenting positions on ministry to homosexual persons and the “prevalence of certain radical feminist themes” that are incompatible with Church teaching, including the ordination of women to the priesthood. The document announced the Vatican’s call for a significant overhaul and reform of the LCWR and named Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle as its archbishop delegate for the initiative.

The outcome of the investigation has been welcomed — and was, in fact, anticipated — by orthodox Catholics, who have been sounding the alarm for decades now over the theological rubbish that has issued from the LCWR. “Better late than never,” has been the typical refrain.

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New Oxford Notes: June 2012

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There is a law of Christian Mind set which should never be violated." From the study of the development of human intelligence ,in all directions, and through all times , the discovery arises of a great fundamental law , to which it is necessarily subject, and which has a solid foundation of proof, both in the facts of our organization and in our historical experience. The law is this : that each of our leading conceptions - each branch of our knowledge - passes successively through three different theoretical conditions: the Theological ,or fictions; the Metaphysical ,or abstract; and the Scientific ,or positive. In other words , the human mind, by it's nature , employs in it's progress three methods of philosophizing, the character which is essentially different,and even radically opposed: viz; the theological method, the metaphysical and the positive .
The evidence of the law of human progress ; there is mo science which, having attained the positive stage , does not bear marks of having passed through the others. Some time since it was ( whatever it might be) composed ,as we can now perceive,of metaphysical abstractions; and further back in the douse of time, it took it's form from theological conceptions. We shall have only too much occasion to see, as we proceed,that our advanced sciences still bear very evident marks of the two earlier periods through which they have passes." ( Auguste Comte : Jan 19,1798-Sep 5, 1857)
As I quote Spinoza ,Ethics,II,Axiom 2 " Man thinks"
The function of the Cerebral Cortex: The cerebral cortex has a critical role in the abilities and activities that reach their highest level of development in humans.Obvious examples are language and abstract thinking .These are of course, not the only functions of the cerebral cortex ; basic aspects of perception,movement,and adaptive response to the outside world also depend on it.
The master : Euclid ( birth 300BC) lived and taught at Alexandria "Elements of Geometry) 323-283BC
Mathematics ( Abstract and Concrete) and Geometry it's nature : is a true natural science ; only more simple, and therefore more perfect , than any other .
The object of the intellect is Truth and Justice. Intelligence is a word which, at one time ,designates a personified principle which knows; sometimes the name is used to signify the functions collectively which have a place of consciousness.
Lastly, One of the first Natural philosophers to say that Mind and God are in control of the Universe ; Anaxagoras( 500-428BC) Anaxagoras' Mind later became identified with God
One of the definition of Nature " it is used to signify the First Cause personified ,and may then be considered as synonymous with God ,or Creator.

Posted by: laguerre12
June 27, 2012 11:49 AM EDT
Friedrich Muller ( Dec 6, 1823- Oct 28,1900) Natural Religion:
Mythology- Psychological school. " The comparison of various languages,after it had led to the discovery of the great families of human speech and settled the principles according to which cognate languages should be analyzed and explained,opened in the end a still wider prospect and disclosed before our eyes ,not only what was common to Greek and Latin ,to Hebrew and Arabic , to Finnish and Hungarian ,but what was common and essential to all languages ,what constitutes in fact the nature of languages in general,and indirectly the nature of thought. This kind of study,comparative in the widest sense,though it aimed at the discovery of the highest philosophical truth,does not depend for that discovery on abstract reasoning,but,differing thereby from all former attempts to construct a science of general grammar and of logic, it takes it's materials entirely from the facts supplied by that infinite number of languages in which the power of language and thought has become realized.It matters little whether we call this branch of Comparative Philology Psychological or ethno- psychological ,as long as we see clearly that it aims at explaining that intellectual development which has it's outward form in language,and that it derives it's materials entirely from a careful study of the different types of human speech,so far as they are still accessible to the student of the present day. To me, that branch of the Science of Language seems almost to transcend the powers of the present generation ,and to belong to the future of our race. But I look to it as the final consummation of all that has ever claimed the name of philosophy,as the solution of all psychological ,logical,and metaphysical problems,and in the end as the only true key to our knowledge of the SELF"
Posted by: laguerre12
June 27, 2012 03:42 PM EDT
" There are three laws of Planetary motion, They were the first of " Laws of Nature" in the modern sense . The three laws are: that the planets travel in elliptical orbits,one focus of each ellipse occupied by the sun ; that the radius vector connecting sun and planet sweeps over equal area in equal times; and that the squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are in the same ratio as the cubes of their mean distances from the sun." ( Kepler Johannes: 1571-1630; Encyclopedia of Philosophy) page 50-51
There are three definitions of Nature : It designates the Universe- the heavens,the earth,all that meet sesnse; It expresses Essence - that which characterizes or constitutes a class of beings, or individuality; It is used to signify the First Cause personified ,and may then be considered as synonymous with God or Creator." ( Philosophical Catechism )
The highest part of human nature ,which will carry us over from Biology to Social Physics ( intellect and the affections) Auguste Comte Jan 19,1798-Sep5,1857
The Affective faculties of man and the Intellectual faculties of man does not have sin as their object. The object is Truth and Justice for both .The affective faculties of man has Hope as an attribute .The first law of Human progress is Theology - According to Scripture Conviction of Sin is the objects of Prayer as A Duty to God. job 13:23 " How many are mine iniquities and sins? Make me to know my transgression and my sin.
Same sex Marriage ,Abortion are conditions of Human Bondage.Spinoza in his works on Ethics : Axiom" There is no individual thing in nature,than which there is not another more powerful and strong. Whatsoever thing be given, there is something whereby can be destroyed" ( page 194)
Women's ordination not an accepted view of the Catholic Church due to the attributes of the affective faculties of man such Customs /Reverence.
The prefrontal Cortex - functional area of the frontal lobe is involved with what are often referred to as executive functions, which can generally be described as personality ,insight,and foresight.( Human Brain book reference)
Dignity and Respect for all in Truth and Justice

Posted by: laguerre12
July 12, 2012 11:45 AM EDT
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