Freedom Trumps Family

June 2005

There is an interesting newsletter called The Family in America (published by the Howard Center; 800-461-3113). Inside each newsletter there's a section called "New Research." In that section for June 2004 there are two revealing synopses from the Journal of Marriage and Family (vol. 66: 2004).

The first one reports on life-history data collected from 1,289 Dutch women by three Dutch scholars. According to the synopsis:

- "The Dutch researchers calculate that having divorced parents increases the odds of divorce by 27%...."

- "'Couples who cohabited prior to marriage have a higher risk of divorce' (29% higher) than couples who did not...."

- "'Women who attended church when living at home are 20% less likely to divorce' than peers who did not attend."

- "The Dutch scholars report that...'full-time working women have 29% higher odds of divorce than nonworking women'...."

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New Oxford Notes: June 2005

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You can't blame the disintegration of the nuclear family entirely on feminists. Corporate greed and the increasing disparity between rich and poor play a large part as well. Most married women with children that I know have to work, at least part-time, to maintain their tenuous middle-class status. Look at the price of housing in northeast states, for instance. The ratio of housing costs as a third of take home income is the norm. Posted by: Caroline
July 06, 2006 03:26 PM EDT
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