Ivy League Culture Wars

May 2012

By now, the voice of the Catholic Church, spoken by bishops and certain laymen, on matters related to human sexuality has been heard at least by all media watchers, as has the opposing voice of secularists, utilitarians, and libertines. The culture war is out in the open, and the line dividing one side from the other is clearer than ever before. The recent, and at times heated, national debates over such topics as contraception serve as reminders that the de-Christianization of our culture continues apace, especially among the political and chattering classes. The view that serious religious beliefs are what educated people outgrow in college has inoculated otherwise intelligent people against investigating Christian ideas or trying to understand the Church’s point of view on public affairs. (Rare adult converts like Rick Santorum are the exceptions that prove the rule.) Many business and political leaders, even if Church-friendly, still regard her as just a large lobbying group. And so, from the perspective of faith, the halls of power and influence can truly be considered mission territory now.

The teachings of Bl. John Paul II, echoed by Pope Benedict XVI, allow for the fact that in a post-Christian milieu it is sometimes necessary to lay the groundwork for truth without a first, direct reference to the Gospel or divine revelation. John Paul II, in his encyclical Redemp­toris Missio, described countries with Christian roots, “where entire groups of the baptized have lost a living sense of the faith, or even no longer consider themselves members of the Church, and live a life far removed from Christ and his Gospel. In this case,” he wrote, “what is needed is a ‘new evangelization’ or a ‘re-evangelization.’”

John Paul’s pontificate saw the appearance of whole sets of terms and concepts, born of natural law and personalist philosophy, such as “the dignity of the human person,” “self-gift,” and “communion of persons,” applied to faith and morals in such a fashion as to attract modern thinkers, and to inspire them both to seek the truth and live by it. Certainly, the Pope preached love for Christ, but he also spoke to those who’ve never known a church and who “live a life far removed from Christ and his Gospel.” His teachings opened a door for “new evangelists” to bring in many souls to whom Christ and Christendom appear hidden in a chaotic culture.

It is instructive to those of us engaged in culture-war battles at an explicitly Catholic post to examine the same sorts of struggles in venues not necessarily Catholic, waged by warriors not necessarily Catholic or even Christian. These situations are a proof, if you will, of how well the “new evangelization” has permeated the greater society all about us. Have the truth seekers of today gotten the message and spread the word? Whither blows the Holy Spirit?

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New Oxford Notes: May 2012

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Legalizing same sex marriage is a sin Agsinst the nature.(Roman1:24) the same translation is seen in the history of biblical transmission ( Alexandrian text,Byzantine text,King James version - 1611,1769, The Blaney Revision, New King James version - 1982) Origen (against Celsus. Book v.32)
In the context of logic ,the personification of the feeling soul and the abstract notion of the feeling soul ( self-feeling and habit) A postulate of the origin and nature of the emotion that requires no proof ,it is self evident : the human body can be affected in many way, whereby it's power of activity is increased or diminished ,also in the other ways which do not render it's power of activity either greater or less.
The personification of the consciousness proper and it's abstract notion is the intellect. The intellectual laws of man designates a personified principle which knows it's object is justice and truth. The universe is a unit- the conception of that idea ONE GOD - is the foundation of all science and theology
Posted by: laguerre12
May 14, 2012 03:49 PM EDT
There are three paths ( via the Truth, via The Good, via the Beautiful) Being - for self is One which is the Good, the Thruth, and the Beautiful. Representation reflection of Being- for self are the three faculties of the soul ( the mind, the heart , the will) . Recall the Mind - is a complex of cognitive saculties enables cons iousness thinking, reasoning, perception judgment and memory. Also recall the Cerebral Cortex has a critical role in the abilities and activities that reach their highest level of development in humans. Obvious examples are language and abstract thinking .These are of course, not the only functions of the cerebral cortex; basic aspects of perception movement and adaptive response to the outside world also depend on it. We can't dispense from the vegetative laws of man which consists of the preservation of the species and the preservation of the individual. The laws of hereditary descent,the laws of abstinence and temperance. The mind is life Principle itself.
Posted by: laguerre12
June 12, 2012 02:59 PM EDT
Abstract Thinking: the first order of logic: the master is Euclid - birth 300BC , taught elements of Geometry at Alexandria 323-283BC. Mathematics -( abstract and concrete) Abstract mathematics portion is purely instrumental, it being simply an immense extension of Natiral logic to a certain order of deductions. Geometry and mechanics must, on the contrary be regarded as true Natural Sciences founded ,like all others,on observation,though,by the extreme simplicity of their phenomena ,they can be systematized to make much greater perfection "( Auguste Comte)
" Positive theory of Cerebral function : theory of the affective and intellectual functions; it consists in the experimental and rational study of the phenomena of interior sensibility proper to the Cerebral ganglions,apart from all immediate external apparatus. These phenomena are the most complex and the most special of all belongings to physiology" ( Auguste Comte
Jan 19,1798-Sep5,1857)
Anaxagoras (500-428BC)one of the first natural philosophers,
Pythagoras( 570-495BC),Plato( 424-348BC) and Socrates( (469-399BC) ,it has been established their schools were the first of the Natural philosophers to say that Mind and God are in control of the Universe.Anaxagoras' Mind later became identified with God,and the distinction he drew between Mind and Matter becomes for the Neoplatonists the distinction between the realm of pure predicates and the realm of perception objects.
Posted by: laguerre12
June 26, 2012 11:34 AM EDT
"Kepler's three laws of planetary motion postulate that the planets travel in elliptical orbits, one focus of each ellipse being occupied by the sun; that the radius vector connecting sun, and planet sweeps over equal areas in equal times; and that the squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are in the same ratio as the cubes of their mean distances from the sun,The promulgation of the three laws was in several respects a turning point in the history of thought. They were the " first laws of nature" in the modern sense" ( the encyclopedia of Philodophy , page 50)Kepler,Johannes 1571-1630)
There are law of human progress : the law is that each of our leading conceptions - each branch of our knowledge passes successively through. Three different theoretical conditions : The Theological,or fictions; the Metaphydical or abstract; and the Scientific ,or positive (Auguste Comte : Jan 19,1798-Sep5,1857)
Your highest self : the function of the Cerebral Cortex specifically the Prefrontal Cortex which is one of the four general functional areas ,which occupies the remainder of the frontal lobe .Prefrontal cortex is involved with what are often referred to as EXECUTIVE FunCTIONS ,which can generally be described as personality, insight, and foresight. " (The Human Brain textbook) to know this is :to Know Thyself.
The object of this executive branch is TRUTH. And JUSTICE
Posted by: laguerre12
July 11, 2012 11:24 AM EDT
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