Light Years From Home

May 2008

Msgr. M. Francis Mannion, who writes the "Pastoral Answers" column in Our Sunday Visitor, is on record as disapproving of the Tridentine Latin Mass (see our New Oxford Notes "Absolutely Null & Utterly Void," May 2007, and "Msgr. Mannion Is Infatuated With the Modern World," Jan. 2008). He has described himself as "unenthusiastic" about Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio that liberated the Tridentine Mass. Msgr. Mannion has said that the growing attraction of young Catholics to the Tridentine Mass "may not be a blessing," and warned of creeping "ritualism." Msgr. Mannion so disdains the Tridentine Mass because it "does not reflect the reform of the Second Vatican Council." The Church, he says, "should be united around one liturgy" -- i.e., the Novus Ordo Mass of Pope Paul VI.

The Tridentine Latin Mass, which was codified by Pope St. Pius V in 1570, dates back some 1,500 years. It is the traditional liturgical expression of the Catholic Faith. It is, without a doubt, distinctly Catholic.

Still, Msgr. Mannion prefers the Novus Ordo.

Which is why we read with no small amount of surprise this statement in his January 8 "Pastoral Answers" column: "The similarities...between the Lutheran and Catholic eucharistic liturgies are among the fruits of the modern liturgical movement." It is as we feared!

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New Oxford Notes: May 2008

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Mannion MishMash! Posted by: gespin3549
June 04, 2008 04:26 PM EDT
However it is going to take place in future succession of historical events, the Protestantism phenomenon was one of the major victories of the diabolic enemies of salvation - the fallen powers and principalities - that lamed and handicapped Christianity. We know it needs to be undone. But we also know that it is only God, Himself Who can do it in His own time. But since the very nature of Protestantism does not inclined its adherents to carry the Cross for the sinners (on the contrary their mindset is always that the "Catholic Church is wrong, so we have to snatch the Catholics from 'Catholicism'"), it'll be foolhardy to expect them to carry any form of sacrifice - prayers, sufferings, fasting - for the 'conversion' of Catholics. Remember, they're so busy and excited preparing for their ‘Star Trek' Rapture and readily wash their hands on those who won't make it.

Thus, it is a continuing added load on the weight of the Cross that the Mystical Body has to carry in historical setting. They don’t have “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” or “This day thou shalt be with me in paradise” in their salvation story. All they have is cleverly jumping into the spaceship headed for heaven and looking through the glass window and say to those left behind “Bye guys, not my fault.” Some Theology!
Posted by: humblesoldier
May 21, 2008 01:57 AM EDT
The statement "The Lutheran liturgy is light years away from the Catholic Mass, no matter how much the former is dressed up or the latter dressed down" is misleading. "Light yeras away" implies a quantitative difference, not a substantive one, as it is obvious from the essay. Posted by: blueskies
May 23, 2008 11:15 PM EDT
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