Another Neocon Is Pleased With the Document on Homosexuals in the Seminaries

May 2006

In our February 2006 Editorial, we expressed our dissatisfaction with the new document on homosexuals in the seminary. We said it will change nothing about homosexuals being accepted into the seminaries, because it has no teeth.

We also told you about two neoconservatives who were pleased with the document. William Donohue of the Catholic League said: "The Vatican is prudent not to have an absolute ban on admission of homosexuals to the priesthood...." Brian Saint-Paul, the new Editor of Crisis, said: "The Vatican has made a wise decision to come down in the middle of the road on this dispute."

Recently, another neocon, Robert Royal, said he's content with the document -- he said this in his regular column in the dissenting National Catholic Reporter (Feb. 24). The document on homosexuals in the seminaries, which was signed by Pope Benedict XVI, is not a matter of doctrine or morals; it is a matter of discipline, or as we call it, ill-discipline. Said Royal: "Unlike the conservative critics who are now beginning to fear that he [Papa Ratzinger] will be too soft...I have greater confidence in Papa Ratzinger the man.... I'm inclined to trust his judgement [in the document on homosexuals in the seminaries]." Royal is also pleased that Papa Ratzinger is not a "conservative monster."

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New Oxford Notes: May 2006

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The Dulfer report and 9/11 Commission said Saddam was going to start up his WMD. Are you calling these reports wrong? Thus Sadaam would today have WMD. Are we safer?

The consequences of this war are totally ignored by the Media. Mr. Kahn, the nuclear scientist from Pakistan, was feeding nuclear knowhow to everyone under the shining sun. He is out of business.

Lebanon has some hope with less involvement by Syrian occupiers. Libya dropped nuclear ambitions, and now we have opened relations. Iraq and Afghanistan have had successful democratic elections. No one in their wildest imagination would have expected that in so short a span of time.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been exposed. Islam has been exposed and all but designated a terrorist organization. The 9/11 victims did not die in vain as this organization would have virtually taken over the United States in another ten years as we would have voted them into office which may still may still happen as they have now infiltrated the Democrat party as ignorance prevails.
Posted by: Paulc37
May 17, 2006 08:55 AM EDT
Yeah, Paul. Hoorah.

Love the positive spin, there. Would like to give you a set of alternate talking points, though:

2500+ Americans and allied troops and some 30000+ Iraqis are dead. Including hundreds, perhaps thousands of children.

10000+ Americans are seriously wounded, some maimed for life. Legs. Arms. Faces. Blown Away. Wheelchairs. Prosthetic limbs. Colostomy bags. For life.

I haven't read any estimates of Iraqi wounded. But I guess that's just a triviality, right? Those silly Hajiis don't count. Let's keep repeating our mantra: "the only good Arab is a dead one." We just gotta kill 'em all...

So how's that for a litany of "sucesses?" Not satisfied? Not to worry: more of that success awaits us. Thank George!

I mean, it took over 25 times as many GI deaths before the wargod was satisfied in South East Asia. And the million or two Asians that died, the thousands of Frenchmen, well, just the cost of foreign policy. Funny talking & looking foreigners die. No big deal.. States are above morality. Especially the United States.. isn't that right Paul?

All of this evil due to a needless "pre - emptive" war. Most of the outcomes you list were attainable through other means. Shame on you and the rest of you warmongering fools. A pox on you all.

Newsflash: proliferation is inevitable. We need to get used to it. Deterrance is the only moral option util we are attcked. Read your Catechism.

Anyway, I think you ought get yourself in boots, there soldier. There's a roadside bomb over there with your name on it.
Posted by: chascurtis
May 18, 2006 02:26 AM EDT
News flash-Hussain was our, I mean, man in the 80's and after. We gave him the WMD. None have been found, even Bush now admits to it. You may want to keep up, stop reading godless Newsmax, etc and take your faith seriously.

Watch Alex Jones' Terror Storm, Russo's AMerica: From Freedom to Fascism.

Start reading wisely, not from some Evangelical/Zionist squirrels, stop watching FOX News, etc.

I agree, if one is so wrapped up into war-let them serve!!, unlike Goldberg, Limbaugh, Kristol-etc.
Posted by: catholicresistence
January 10, 2007 02:26 PM EST
oh...and hte 9/11 commission is a lemon, even most 9/11 families think so. It was staffed by Dem/Repub neocons and insiders-they are not going to open up that can of worms. Posted by: catholicresistence
January 10, 2007 02:28 PM EST
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