Works of Mercy?

April 2007

In Oxford, England, there is a hospice called Douglas House. Sister Frances Dominica, an Anglican nun, is the foundress of Douglas House. She helped solicit a prostitute for a disabled man in her care as part of her "works of mercy." Neither the Corporal Works of Mercy nor the Spiritual Works of Mercy include soliciting prostitutes for disabled men. Indeed, the Spiritual Works of Mercy say "to admonish the sinner" and "to instruct the ignorant."

Sr. Frances says she sees no contradiction between her action and her Christian principles. Really? One of the Seven Deadly Sins is "lust."

Sr. Frances said, "It is not our job to make moral decisions for our guests." Wow! That includes murder, theft, illegal drug use, religious discrimination, sexual assault, etc.

Apparently, Sr. Frances has no concern for the man's spiritual well-being.

On a street around the corner from the NOR offices, there is a beat-up old limousine. It's rusting, and the rearview mirror is broken. A handwritten sign on the dashboard reads, "No vauluable inside" -- the guy means to say, "No valuables inside." However, the plastic frame holding the rear license plate reads, "Ask me about…JESUS!" If this guy were running that hospice, we bet he would not solicit a prostitute for the disabled man.

New Oxford Notes: April 2007

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Dear Sr. Frances: I will pray for your immortal soul and the man you have lead astray. Word of your actions break my heart, when I think of the Nuns who taught me about my Catholic Faith as a child. Posted by: Silver Thread
March 26, 2008 11:39 AM EDT
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