Oz Reborn

April 2006

Looks like Dorothy wasn't dreaming after all.

Oz does exist, and is constantly expanding its territory. Just follow the yellow-brick road of tolerance.

But at one spot along the road, at San Leandro High School in San Leandro, Calif., Oz is facing a few construction delays. The manufacturing of Oz in San Leandro began simply and easily enough when the school's Gay-Straight Alliance student club (most high schools, both public and Catholic, have one these days), with the aid of the school's "gay" art teacher, designed a poster that bears a rainbow flag, pink triangles, and the slogan: "This is a safe place to be who you are," to be hung in every classroom at the school, by order of the San Leandro Unified School District.

Conflict ensued when five teachers at the school refused to display the posters "because they say homosexuality violates their religious beliefs, Principal Amy Furtado said" (San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 25). To add to the plot, school district officials require the displaying of the poster as "an effort to comply with state laws requiring schools to ensure students' safety and curb discrimination and harassment." Oz must be built!

At first, Principal Furtado waxed wistful: "We are a diverse staff. We have teachers who are active in their churches, and we respect their beliefs." Ah, respect. Ain't it grand! Furtado, according to the Chronicle, intends to resolve the conflict through "private conversations" and "faculty discussions about the underlying message of the posters, which is to promote tolerance" (Chronicle, Jan. 26). Respect and tolerance. What a thrilling combo! How magnanimous of Principal Furtado to realize that respect for religious beliefs falls under the panorama of "tolerance."

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New Oxford Notes: April 2006

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Ideas can and should be challenged if hurting the well being of others. Tolerance of ideas is our First Amendment. Bad behavior must be identified because it is destructive to self and society.

Our schools are in effect "condoning the consequences" of bad behavior. They are condoning sodomy that leads to cancer, incontinence, and HIV/AIDS.

Schools are in effect condoning oral sex that according to the CDC also leads to HIV/AIDS.

Schools under the disguise of anything goes as long as you are a human being. Schools are condoning promiscuous sex that leads to communicable diseases now too many to mention, let alone AIDS which maims for years and prematurely kills our loved one's as they get caught up in this compelling, addictive sex CULT.

Loving parents of their kids should sue schools as these schools are promoting a lifestyle leading to their children's physical destruction.

School Board Members should be sued as the proponents of destructive behavior.

No parent should allow their children to be exposed to a curricula that in effect "teaches" its all right to end your life and others via self destructing behavioral sex acts.

No where in my above comments did I use the "WORDS" Homosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual. To Do so would legitimize school boards actions as they see but a person and refuse to deal with their self and societal destructive behavior.

Is it not Ironic the people the school boards seek to protect, are really the VICTIMS of the School Boards normalizing their self destructive behavior.

Posted by: paulc37
May 05, 2006 09:54 PM EDT
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