Whoop-dee-doo: A Catholic bishop on MTV

April 2006

Traditional Catholics were happy when Bishop Thomas J. Tobin replaced Bishop Robert E. Mulvee last year in the Diocese of Providence, R.I.

As noted in a Guest Column by Michael S. Rose, "MTV: A Recruiting Ground for Priests?" (Feb. 2002), the Diocese of Providence was trying to recruit seminarians with commercials on MTV, a crass and salacious TV rock music network that has nothing to do with Catholic values.

It is our understanding that Bishop Mulvee never appeared in a commercial, but Bishop Tobin (presumably "more orthodox") does appear in the commercials. What desperation!

As Rose said, "This is the ultimate in 'cold call' marketing techniques...." One wonders why the Providence Diocese is spending such a princely sum to advertise on MTV.

New Oxford Notes: April 2006

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