How Many Berkeley Students Does It Take to Change A Light Bulb?

April 2006

It takes 51.

You'll notice that that's quite a bit more than it takes other groups of people to change a light bulb.

As for Berkeley students, when someone dares to change a light bulb, there will be a protest demonstration of 25. Why? Because you've got to conserve energy. But there will also be a counter-protest demonstration of 25 demanding that the light bulb be changed. It can be risky, but the one guy changing the light bulb -- if he is brave -- will manage to do it.

On January 21, 2006, there was a Walk for Life in, of all places, San Francisco -- to coincide with the Walk for Life in D.C. And guess that? There were Berkeley Students for Life with their prolife placards.

And there were counter-demonstrators as well, but far fewer. We didn't see any Berkeley Students for Choice placards, but we're quite sure there were some Berkeley students in that contingent.

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New Oxford Notes: April 2006

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