It's Time for Another Free Speech Movement

April 2003

If you’re but a creature of your times, you’re accustomed to saying “humankind” instead of mankind, “firefighter” instead of fireman, “letter carrier” instead of mailman, “businessperson” instead of businessman, etc. We believe our readers are immune from cultural conditioning and linguistic engineering, so we’re not talking about you. But pity the zombies, for there’s a lot more Newspeak for them to assimilate.

But before getting to that, something needs to be said about the avoidance of “man” in a compound word. The erudite Jacques Barzun, in his book Dawn to Decadence, explained succinctly why “man” is correct usage: “In the compounds that have been regarded as invidious — spokesman, chairman, and the like — man retains that original sense of human being, as is proved by the word woman….” Or as the whimsical Sheldon Vanauken versified in the September 1978 NEW OXFORD REVIEW:

Her unisex temper would worsen
If as chairman she wasn’t “chairperson”:
She required that we ban
Those damned suffixes, “man” —
So now she’s become a woperson.

But most people don’t understand how the English language works, and so are easy targets for the mind-controllers.

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New Oxford Notes: April 2003

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If you don't read the book, you won't have to worry about this irrelevant garbage. I don't recognize PC stuff. However, an interesting question is what is free speech, in particular what does the first amendment guarantee. These days too many people seem to think that any speech, no matter how inappropriate or vile, is covered by the constitution. NOt so. Besides, although you are free to speak your mind, the other is free to respond as he feels it necessary to do so. Of course it works both ways, you are responsible for your words and actions. Mankind seems to be regressing these days in this area. Posted by: wunsch
May 17, 2007 05:52 PM EDT
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