Nancy Pelosi & Archbishop Wuerl

March 2007

Nancy Pelosi supports abortion, same-sex "marriage," and embryonic stem cell research. Pelosi has a 100 percent rating from the pro-abortion organization NARAL.

According to (Jan. 16, 2007), "Archbishop Wuerl [of Washington, D.C.]...has said publicly that he would not discipline or direct priests to deny Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politician Nancy Pelosi...."

Allyson Smith interviewed Wuerl. Smith: "Do you intend to discipline her [Pelosi] at all for being persistent and obstinate about supporting abortion and same-sex marriage?" Wuerl: "I will not be using the faculty in that, in the manner you have described." What an artful dodger!

Smith: "Will you issue a statement to your priests and warn [them] not to allow her to receive if she presents herself for Communion?" Wuerl: "You're talking about a whole different style of pastoral ministry. No thank you." Here he becomes unambiguous.

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New Oxford Notes: March 2007

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This is an opportunity for the Church to declare its teaching loud and clear. Unfortunately, this weak and maligned bishop shuns his responsibility, sticks his head in the sand, and declares that the emperor has new clothes. A sad commentary indeed! Posted by: gvdennis
March 01, 2007 09:46 AM EST
Another clear indication that the hierarchy of the Church both in America and in Rome lack the courage and conviction of faith. The ship is rudderless. Posted by: traddad2
March 06, 2007 09:13 AM EST
I do not understand. Although it is assumed that the individual knows whether he/she is in sin and will receive communion only when you are not in sin, I do not believe that a priest would give me communion if I said that I am in mortal sin. In the case of these politicians, the priest, if they recognize them, must refuse to give communion. Is that not so? This bishop should be counciled and removed if he is not willing to follow the catholic teachings. Does he not realize the damage that so-called catholics are doing in this country? Senators Durbin, Kennedy, Leahy,along with Pelosi and others are leading their party in a very anti-catholic direction. And the Bishops have nothing to say!!!! WE lead by example. As I recall, in the 2000 election, Senator Lieberman's church took action against him because of the democratic party position that he represented by running as the VP candidate. Posted by: wunsch
March 07, 2007 07:55 PM EST
When I come across a priest or bishop who is not functioning in his capacity as he should, the least I can do is abstain from giving to the collection plate. I encourage others to do the same. That is why I subscribe to worthwhile periodicals and carefully investigate any charities before giving them support. What we support we perpetuate. Let's starve bad people outof business. Posted by: joreill
March 08, 2007 11:06 AM EST
Bishop Wuerl will be held accountable for his acts and his failure to act, as will all of us. Let us pray that his sins will be forgiven. Posted by: Thomist
March 22, 2007 08:46 AM EDT
It seems to me that as Catholics and deciples of Christ we should be actively supporting our priests and actively working against poor judgement of both the clergy and laity. In the latter, if the statistics I have read in Catholic newspapers are correct, the democrat party could not have been voted in without some of the Catholic vote. Either there are more Cafeteria Catholics than Orthodox (why is this distinction made? if you do not follow the teaching of the church, are you Catholic? I doubt it) or we are not following our own principles by voting democrat. Posted by: wunsch
April 06, 2007 08:37 PM EDT
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