Christmas Is Gone -- In More Ways Than One

March 2005

When your Editor was a kid in the 1950s, at Christmas time, he always heard the refrain, "Let's Put Christ Back in Christmas." Back then, Christmas had become commercialized and consumerized, and it's gotten much worse since then. Now the "Season's Greetings" displays often go up in the stores before Halloween.

But at least back then, virtually everyone said "Merry Christmas." But nowadays to say that to someone you don't know to be a rather serious Christian is risky. Now people say "Happy Holidays" instead.

We noticed that when President Bush, reputed to be the most religious president ever, spoke recently at a December news conference, he said "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas," not once but three times. President Bush is a macho guy, but still he doesn't want to offend people needlessly. Yes, President Bush is willing to offend people -- a good sign in a politician -- but not with something so trivial, shall we say, as Merry Christmas. That even President Bush says "Happy Holidays" should tell us Christians about the sorry state of Christmas.

On the other hand -- but not really -- there's a new A.M. radio station nationwide called Air America. It's hard Left. Every host we've heard is quite hostile to Christianity, but not to Islam or Judaism. They don't much like "conservative" Catholics, but they truly hate "fundamentalist" Protestants. (The worst offenders are the gentile hosts; the Jewish hosts tone it down a bit.) There are of course the usual station announcements, and in the month of December it was "Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." Of course they didn't really mean have a Merry Christmas. It was really a clever taunt. That secular Lefties would mockingly say "Merry Christmas" is just another reminder of the sorry state of Christmas.

But every other radio station says "Happy Holidays," as do the commercials. Businesses, above all, don't want to offend potential customers -- the Salvation Army was banned from Target stores -- and for many businesses it is the month of December that keeps them out of the red. Indeed, for our national economy, the month of December is usually make or break.

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New Oxford Notes: March 2005

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I don't really give a durn what anyone else does. Let the Buddhists, the Muslims, the ACLU and the village atheists be content with roasting chestnuts. Our family will be celebrating Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and on through the Christmas season: "God bless Us Every One!" Posted by: nortemp
December 21, 2006 06:57 AM EST
This is one of the very few points that the NOR endorses that I disagree with. Christmas is worth fighting for, even if it's an impossible battle. It may be a lost cause... but sometimes it's the lost causes that are most worth fighting for. Posted by: bkoepp
December 31, 2007 12:46 AM EST
This is how we combat "Happy Holidays" here:

When we go shopping durig the Christmas season, if the clerk parts with "Happy Holidays," we immediately ask for a refund and give back everything we just purchased, no second chance. Even if it's the month's groceries at Sam's Club! That usually amounts to about four to five hundred dollars a pop. As we are getting our money back we make sure the clerk and any silly managerial staff who comes by to try and "clarify" things understand that it is CHRISTMAS not "Happy Holidays" that we are celebrating and that we are making the purchases for. Great fun and teaches a lesson against stupidity at the same time.
Posted by: gespin3549
December 31, 2007 06:08 AM EST
Just another sign of the times. I remember seeing BCE/CE rather than BC/AD for the first time. Now even Christian writers use it even ones who should know better. Or maybe they don't believe what they say they believe. Oh well, they say that that is progress. Who am I...? Posted by: martillo
December 31, 2007 11:55 AM EST
Didn't our Lord teach that to be accepted by the world was to be living in it too much? I've been laughing this year as I see TV commericals and advertisements try to use songs and stories with Christmas themes and go through all sorts of pathetic gyrations like changing words and leaving some out in order to avoid what those songs and stories were originally written about...Christ!

Nobody can take Christmas from us...NOBODY! What a favor the PC cowards in the media, business and politics are doing by encouraging many of us to forget them at Christmas and focus more on Christ. And for those that focus to much on it I'm sure Satan is all to happy about their distraction from what Christmas is really about.
Posted by: dorrino
January 02, 2008 11:25 AM EST
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