Archbishop Burke Has Courage

January 2008

On November 11, 2007, two more women were "ordained" priestesses by the so-called Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement. Rose Marie Dunn Hudson, 67, a certified lay pastoral minister in the St. Louis Archdiocese, and Elsie Hainz McGrath, 69, a retired editor at the (Catholic) Ligouri publishing house and previously a campus minister at St. Louis University -- both converts from Protestantism -- were "ordained" by "Bishop" Patricia Fresen, a former Dominican nun. The "ordinations" took place at a Jewish synagogue, the Central Reform Congregation in St. Louis. Senior Rabbi Susan Talve offered to host the ceremony ("one of our core values is hospitality and providing a shelter of peace for those who are looking for a safe place...which come right from the Torah"), and her synagogue board unanimously approved her decision. Elsie and Rose became the 21st and 22nd American women to be "ordained" priestesses by Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

Gerry Rauch, Vice President of the Women's Ordination Conference, told the Riverfront Times (Nov. 8, 2007), "My hope for the new that they'll be a light for people who...have divorced and remarried, or those who are gay and lesbian and transgendered." Rabbi Susan told the National Catholic Reporter (Nov. 9, 2007), "I have received dozens of letters, scores of emails and many phones calls from Catholics -- women religious especially" in support of her hosting the ceremony. Ronald Modras, a professor of theological studies at the Jesuit-run St. Louis University, told the Reporter, "It's a remarkable demonstration of sisterhood. You have women of two faiths, Catholic and Jewish, standing together against patriarchal exclusion."

Throw in another one: Elsie and Rose planned to establish their "faith community" beginning on December 1, 2007, by holding Saturday evening "liturgies" at the First Unitarian Church in St. Louis, across the street from Susan's synagogue. Talk about syncretism!

In our New Oxford Note "A New Catholic Community" (Oct. 2006), we told the story of Victoria Rue, who was "ordained" by "Bishop" Patricia in Canada in 2005. According to the Roman Catholic Womenpriests's website, Rue "lives with her beloved Kathryn." She had been offering her "Masses" in an interfaith chapel at San Jose State University. The Bishop of San Jose, Patrick McGrath, we reported, "has no plans to reprimand or excommunicate or in any other way acknowledge Victoria Rue."

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New Oxford Notes: January 2008

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My take is that Rose Marie Dunn Hudson, Elsie Hainz McGrath, Patricia Fresen, Susan Talve, Gerry Rauch, Victoria Rue, Jean Marie Marchant are just plain nuts - fruit cakes to the highest degree!

McGrath, Wuerl, O'Malley, and Rickermann are a disgrace. These “shepherds” are leading us to slaughter. I think they are part of a larger group, who are guiding us down a path that in the next ten to twenty years, we won’t recognize who we are or what we believe.

Oh, what a mess our Church is in. If Christ is to be with us until the ends of the earth, it will be because of people like Burke. God bless Archbishop Burke!
Posted by: jackclough
January 08, 2008 12:50 PM EST
"so-called Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement." give me a break. There is no such thing in the Catholic Church and these people know it. The Archbishop will give them enough rope to hang themselves and then excommunicate them with great regret and compassion for their lost souls. The women will also have many new souls that they are able to take astray to account for.
Gary Rauch states that "...that they'll be a light for people who...have divorced and remarried,..." But they know that, in fact, they are misleading these people and sending them down a road toward a very uncomfortable meeting with the Lord one of these days. The Church needs to be clear and positive on these situations - both the teacher/paster but yet clear to all that they are wrong and then, clearly following Church procedure, excommunicating them. All Catholics in good standing should always object to calling these people Roman Catholic, priests etc. They can call themselves whatever they want but it does not mean that they are. I hope Archbishop Burke stands firm. As jackclough said - God bless Archbishop Burke!
Posted by: wunsch
January 08, 2008 08:47 PM EST
Orthodox and faithful Catholics should thank Archbishop Burke for being a brave and worthy apostle of our Lord.

God bless Archbishop Burke!
Posted by: eakter
January 12, 2008 03:59 PM EST
Are these gals really a threat, or are they just playing dress up? Posted by: Henry Patrick
January 20, 2008 05:30 PM EST
Women Priestess? What else could have been expected from Vatican II Council but the slowly attempted destruction of Our Catholic Church! VIVA IL PAPA! VIVA Archbishop Burke. We need more Sheperds like them. And the church needs to get rid of all of the Bad Apples like McGrath, Wuerl, O'Malley, Rickermann, Mahoney, and many many other so called bishops and archbishops and cardinals. Long Live Our Tridentine Tradition. Posted by: rickonti
January 22, 2008 08:18 AM EST
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