Pro-Abortion & Anti-War?

January 2007

The Board of the National Coalition of American Nuns, according to a report in the National Catholic Reporter (Oct. 27, 2006), "is calling on Catholics [in the Nov. 2006 elections] to support candidates who 'recognize the right of women to make reproductive decisions and receive medical treatment according to the rights of privacy and conscience." In other words, Catholics should not hesitate to support pro-abortion candidates in the midterm elections.

On the other hand, the Board is calling for the U.S. bishops "to support the 'swift and complete exit' of U.S. troops from Iraq...." And, according to Catholic Online (, Oct. 23, 2006), the Board is also calling for the U.S. bishops to condemn the U.S. preventive war underlying the invasion of Iraq.

What hypocrisy! If you are anti-war and pro-abortion, and you won't recognize that you are making war on the baby in the womb, you are not really anti-war. Both abortion and preventive wars are murder (see our May 2006 Editorial). Abortion and unjust wars are basically immorally equivalent.

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New Oxford Notes: January 2007

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I'm at a total loss, when it comes to understanding the thinking of those Catholics who are pro-abortion. Maybe NOR could publish an article from such a Catholic explaining/defending their position. Posted by: col101
January 07, 2007 05:18 AM EST
Maybe part of the confusion comes from the fact that Catholic publications continue to refer to pro-abortion catholics as Catholics. Sort of makes the word "Catholic" meaningless. There is a lot of news these days about so-called catholics that are pro-abortion, anti-war, pro gay rights etc. These cafeterial catholics are catholic in name only. It seems to be part of the same logic that gave us the girl that sued the boy scouts because they wouldn't admit her. As for the anti-war people, there are a lot of them that have long since crossed over the line of common sense. But so long as you have someone else who is willing to fight for his country, you have the liberty to be "anti-war". Posted by: wunsch
January 02, 2008 02:41 PM EST
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