September 28

China: Is forced abortion coming to an end or not?
Possible policy change doubted, called 'naive rumors'

Insurance giant settles suit over abortion scheme
Aetna violated state of Missouri's conscience protections

Pro-life group runs ads across Ohio 'battleground'
SBA List warns voters: President is an 'abortion radical'

Euthanasia accounts for 2.8% of all Dutch deaths
Plus, nearly a quarter of all such deaths are not reported

VatiLeaks trial begins in small Vatican court
Butler charged with theft; case may reveal more 'moles'

English priest bans yoga from church building
Hindu spiritual exercise 'not compatible' with Church

Synod's evangelization agenda includes America
Cardinal Wuerl: Reviving faith among the young is key

Russian Orthodox church restored in Beijing
Past communist officials had converted it into a garage

September 27

American College of OB/Gyns hypes IUDs for teens
Expert: Devices carry infection, fertility-damaging risk

Group has helped 30 abortion workers quit job
New charity says an abortionist may be next to convert

Philippines: Priest probed over ivory smuggling
Scandal-ridden monsignor ignites media controversy

German court backs Church on membership tax
Professor's desire to 'pray without paying' is thwarted

Newark archbishop exhorts flock on true marriage
Says dissenters should refrain from receiving Communion

Springfield bishop warns about voting for evil
Paprocki: Certain parties support 'intrinsic evils'

Pontifical Council for Culture celebrates Dante
Link between work and faith is Year of Faith theme

India: Catholics protest a mockery of faith
New film marks a 'new low' for Bollywood productions

September 26

Ill. ruling upholds pharmacists' conscience rights
Case provides a 'useful' parallel to HHS mandate suits

Pro-life forum addresses lopsided racial impact
Black Americans, 12% of population, have 42% of abortions

Vatican reverses Illinois priest's suspension
Mass 'improvisor' still has no parish or faculties

Kansas: Group buys Tiller's former abortion clinic
Former employee plans to re-establish abortion services

Middle East: Prelates decry Western interference
Western policies 'don't think about eastern Christians'

USCCB offers 'ten ways' to live the Year of Faith
Sacraments, prayer life, and works of mercy are key

Commission meets to decide new Anglican leader
New Archbishop of Canterbury to oversee 'critical time'

Uruguay's Congress votes to legalize abortion
Cuba and Mexico City have comparable liberal laws

September 25

France to ban 'mother' & 'father' from officialdom
As gay marriage looms, civil code mentions only 'parents'

26 states allow 12-year-olds to obtain contraception
Oregon allows 15-year-olds to consent to sterilization

Christians now comprise 46.5% of African population
Islamic fundamentalists are dismayed at being outnumbered

N.Y. public schools supply teens with Plan B
Bishops: End-run around parents is 'tragic, misguided'

Pew poll: Nominal Catholics greatly favor Obama
White evangelical Protestants back Romney, 74% to 19%

Presidential candidates invited to Notre Dame
Traditional election-year forum includes running mates

Nigeria cracks down on Islamist militants
Dozens killed in sweep after latest church bombing

'Reform' group criticizes German bishops' stance
Hierarchy repeats: 'One cannot partially leave the church'

September 24

USCCB is silent about global contraception campaign
CRS receives tens of millions from the Gates Foundation

Massachusetts school re-invites Kennedy to speak
Anna Maria College explores 'faith in the public square'

Nigeria: Suicide bomber strikes Catholic church
Two killed, 45 injured during Sunday Mass at cathedral

Bishop makes case for female deacons in America
Wcela: 'Iconic maleness is not a requirement for them'

Study examines views of the white working class
Of the 20 percent that are Catholic, half are pro-abortion

Defense of marriage is prophetic, not reactionary
Pope urges French bishops to a bold, creative response

Calif. governor expands abortion, contraception
Non-surgical abortions performed by nurses, midwives

Church in Australian state reveals abuse stats
Archbishop confirms 620 cases over eight decades

September 21

Europe: Can lesbian adoption trump father's rights?
Lawyer: Adults want to 'falsify children’s filiation' at whim

German bishops get tough about paying church tax
Those who 'opt out' can no longer receive sacraments

Bishop Conley speaks at Harvard's Catholic center
Exhorts all to embrace Newman’s teaching on conscience

Cardinal Newman Society picks top 50 high schools
Pennsylvania has seven, Texas has six, and Michigan, five

Amish haircut attackers guilty of hate crimes
Aggression over religion leads to ten-year jail term?

Cardinal Arinze: Evangelization requires charity
Preaching the truth comes with caring for bodily needs

Catholic University boasts large solar power system
2,600 panels generating 830 megawatts is biggest in D.C.

Spain: Fresco 'destroyer' now demands royalties
D-I-Y restoration of prized painting became tourist hit

September 20

Theologians weigh in on 'Jesus wife' papyrus piece
Denver prof: Vague word could refer to Jesus' mother

Rome: Disliked statue of John Paul II gets makeover
Sculptor claims he was rushed before, now it's complete

Miracle of St. Januarius repeats: Blood liquefies
Scientists are unable to explain yearly Naples phenomenon

Defrocked monsignor sues archdiocese for libel
Elderly N.Y. priest's accuser now admits that he lied

More abuse suits filed against Philly archdiocese
News conference announces 8 suits against 7 priests

Presidency, Supreme Court no longer held by WASPs
But both candidates, all 9 Supremes are from Ivy Leagues

Italian startup offers Church-approved ads for web
Group to maintain 'Catholic values' for vast online market

Pope: Christians & Muslims must give joint witness
We must stand 'together against divisions, violence, war'

September 19

Papyrus fragment makes reference to Jesus' wife
Harvard divinity prof displays 4th-century Coptic script

French satire magazine adds fuel to Muslim protests
Cartoons of Mohammed force increased security, closures

Missouri bill gives religious freedom protections
Lawmakers override governor's veto, counter HHS mandate

Utah bishop affirms collaboration with Mormons
Speech spells out similarities, differences in two faiths

Pro-lifers laud USCCB's new peace & justice head
Reyes replaces liberal old guard, will oversee the CCHD

First Belgian prisoner is killed by euthanasia
Gravely ill inmate dies, another now asks permission

Philadelphia archdiocese sells Jersey Shore villa
Mansion housed vacationing, elderly priests for decades

Vatican waiting for SSPX response to June letter
Fellay faces delicate task of maintaining group's unity

September 18

French cardinal predicts legal incest, polygamy
Warning of breakdown mocked by gay mayor of Paris

Archdiocese suspends priest for a second time
New accusation halts pastor's plan to return to ministry

Catholic high school opens Muslim prayer room
Ontario: Mother Teresa boasts of its diverse population

Chaput gives extensive interview about Philly
Prelate speaks on abuse crisis, finances, politics

'Freedom' cross campaign grows in Steubenville
Parishioners counter threat of lawsuit over city logo

VatiLeaks suspects receive Sept. 29 court date
The butler hoped a 'media shock' would help the Church

Disturbance charges dropped against U.K. pro-lifers
Use of graphic images of abortion led to police harassment

Cardinal Pell speaks on global gender imbalance
China: There are 32 million more boys than girls under 20

September 17

L.A. 'Catholics for Equality' priest is suspended
Gay marriage advocacy group founder put on inactive leave

Planned Parenthood text/chat program targets kids
Large fraction of teens use cell phones to get sex info

Lebanon: Pope appeals for peace at Beirut Mass
Pleas for end to 'the grim trail of death and destruction'

Anglican Cathedral in Orlando becomes Catholic
Florida parish joins ordinariate for Anglican converts

Laymen to preside at funerals in Liverpool, England
Archbishop aims to relieve pressure on strained priests

Salman Rushdie says publishers need to 'be braver'
Believes The Satanic Verses wouldn't be published today

Dolan & Colbert present comedy show at Fordham U.
3,000 students are treated to uplifting entertainment

Chicago group plans ahead for George's successor
Progressives 'make known their needs' for next cardinal

September 14

U.K.: Involuntary 'do not resuscitate' orders abound
Watchdog finds DNR routinely applied to elderly patients

Journalist: Williamson may be expelled from SSPX
Bishop continues acts of disobedience, feeds group rift

R.I. judge dismisses lawsuit against Legionaries
Ruling reveals dubious influence over $60 million will

Bp. Fabian Bruskewitz's successor named to Lincoln
Bishop James Conley to shepherd strong Nebraska diocese

Calif. Coptic man is key figure in anti-Muslim film
Authorities identify Christian 'with a checkered past'

Papal visit to Lebanon begins amid Mideast turmoil
Pope: Stop of arms imports to Syria will help end the war

Group urges Catholic schools to allow HPV vaccine
'Experts' threaten Calgary diocese with suit over issue

Womenpriests ordains a female deacon in Ohio
She'll continue her 'lifetime quest' to be a priest

September 13

Vatican spokesman decries offenses against Islam
Unjustified provocations only 'nourish tension and hatred'

Revised: Vatican spokesman condemns Libya killing
Lombardi: Nothing justifies terrorism, homicidal violence

Pope exhorts the Christians of the Middle East
'Be builders of peace and architects of reconciliation'

Cardinal Dolan spotlights overseas persecution
Challenges here 'are of a different order' than abroad

Sebelius broke law at abortion group's event
HHS 'retroactively reclassified the event as political'

Hobby Lobby retailer sues gov't over HHS mandate
It's the only non-Catholic for-profit business to do so

Seminary prof fired for views on homosexuality?
ITC staff had confronted him over controversial materials

English bishop cancels prominent feminist's lecture
It's the first time she's been admonished by the hierarchy

September 12

Hollywood begins drumbeat for incest & polygamy
Movies, celebrity magazines push 'expanding marriage'

Archbishop Chaput writes against the death penalty
Pennsylvania may carry out its first execution in 13 years

About 100 Americans commit suicide every 24 hours
It's the third leading cause of death for young adults

Iran: Christian pastor freed after three years
International pressure effects apostasy-charge acquittal

India: Deaths and church desecration follow protest
Police fire on anti-nuclear protestors, many are Catholic

Former Komen exec exposes Planned Parenthood
'Planned Bullyhood' reveals aggressive, partisan group

Catholic bishops reach out to U.S. Hispanics
USCCB launches Spanish-language Facebook page

Nigerian bishops warn of effort to split nation
Boko Haram causes sectarian violence to divide the land

September 11

California governor to decide 'triple-parent' law
Bill is inevitable outgrowth of normalized gay marriage

Planned Parenthood makes $3.2 million TV ad buy
$487 million in taxpayer money pays for Romney attack?

President Obama calls PP's president to thank them
Cecile Richards tweets about important election work

Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville course scrutinized
Critics: Class on deviant behavior includes homosexuality

Mass. gay couple sues Church over property sale
Diocese allegedly feared gay weddings would occur there

Polish priests launch first magazine on exorcism
Nation sees rise in possession cases, need for exorcists

Papal visit to Lebanon will promote regional peace
Pope: 'We must not resign ourselves to the violence'

Vatican hires Swiss anti-money-laundering expert
Holy See expands efforts to fight financial crimes

September 10

25 speakers promoted abortion at Dem convention
'Abortion-palooza' gives Obama slim one percent 'bounce'

Forced-abortion activist aims to meet Apple CEO
Chen wants U.S. tech companies to promote human rights

Convicted Bishop Finn's future is topic of debate
Some call for his resignation after misdemeanor case

Penn State Catholic center named for Sue Paterno
She and Joe helped raise millions over the past decade

Chaput urges 'deep changes' in Philly archdiocese
Archbishop marks end to 'the complacency of the past'

Cokie Roberts: DNC 'Over-the-top' on abortion
Political analyst for ABC, NPR warns of alienating voters

St. Joseph's to buy Philly archbishop's residence
Jesuit university to buy mansion, acreage for $10 million

Cathedral dedicated at former hub of persecution
Kazakhstan city was notorious for its Soviet labor camps

September 7

Dems & GOP are 'polar opposites' regarding U.N.
GOP denounces corrupt U.N. bureaucracy that needs reform

Bishop Finn is highest-ranking U.S. cleric convicted
Missouri judge gives two years of probation for cover-up

Dolan at DNC prays for unborn & religious liberty
Cardinal subtly admonishes on most of party's causes

European bishops: Solidarity & subsidiarity are key
Root of financial crisis is lack of anthropological vision

'Whole life' Democrat argues Obama is pro-life
Ex-congresswoman: Obamacare is most pro-life legislation

Bail granted to Pakistani Christian 'blasphemer'
Case spotlights misuse of laws to persecute minorities

Renault gives the Pope two all-electric minivans
Alternate popemobile has retractable step for accessibility

Religious Freedom Rallies planned for Oct. 20
Over 125,000 people attended the March and June events

September 6

Sr. Simone Campbell clouds Catholic teaching at DNC
When asked about abortion: 'That's beyond my pay grade'

'Nuns on the Bus' leader claims backing by USCCB
A relationship of convenience emerges at Dem convention

Bishop: Hierarchy’s credibility on abuse is 'shredded'
Conlon asks child protection group to promote progress

N. Ireland: Protestant group apologizes to parish
Statement greatly improves tense situation in Belfast

Poland: Solidarity spokesman criticizes Romney ad
Trade union distances itself from American electioneering

N.Y. Times: DNC is overdoing it on abortion issue
Columnists find abortion-palooza tone 'a risky proposition'

Missouri diocese & Bishop Finn face bench trial
Criminal case for failure to report abuse avoids jury

Status of Jerusalem becomes election controversy
Democrats omit declaration in party platform, GOP pounces

September 5

Fr. Groeschel steps down from weekly TV show
Network: Interview 'should never have been published'

N. Ireland: Belfast sees third night of violence
Leaders asked to address issues before a death occurs

Charlotte diocese posts big messages for Dems
Religious liberty banners hang near DNC convention site

Washington bishops: Gay marriage threatens liberty
Churches, groups that object are now accused, attacked

Usain Bolt invited to Vatican for 2013 conference
Religious freedom will be addressed by athletes, artists

FOCUS apostolate expands to 74 college campuses
Harvard is now a territory for full-time missionaries

Israeli vandals target Catholic Latrun monastery
'Wildcat' extremist settlers suspected in revenge crimes

Euro court ruling creates a 'right to eugenics'
Bias forces reversal of Italy's ban on genetic screening

September 4

Milan funeral for 'progressive' Cardinal Martini
To the end he believed the Church is 'out of date'

Plans for Catholic church in Bahrain stir trouble
Protests surround the monarchy's display of tolerance

N. Ireland sectarian clash injures 47 police
'Savage' violence erupts among loyalists & republicans

CRS takes advice, revises HIV-prevention document
Bishops' agency thanks news outlet for quiet assistance

Vatican Radio compares Europe to Tower of Babel
Culturally weakened continent needs Christian dynamism

Muslim cleric arrested in Pakistani girl's case
Imam suspected of fabricating evidence against Christian

Muslims from abroad favor U.S. Catholic colleges
Schools' moderate reputations spread by word of mouth

Self-proclaimed 'messiah' Rev. Moon dies at 92
His multibillion-dollar enterprise spanned the globe

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