May 31

Archdiocese paid accused priests to laicize
Milwaukee under Dolan had policy for 'unassignables'

Cleveland: Bishop suspends breakaway priest
Pastor, congregation set up own church after closing

Philly cover-up case goes to jury deliberation
Eleven-week trial saw 60 witnesses, 2000 documents

'For Greater Glory' film bucks Hollywood rules
Movie of Cristeros rebellion has Catholics as heroes

Cleveland hosts nation's largest rally for nuns
Home of FutureChurch HQ musters up 650 attendees

Legal scholars weigh aspects of HHS lawsuits
Cases are strong but lengthy appeals seem inevitable

Egypt: Coptic bishop fears for religious liberty
Muslim Brotherhood won't 'maintain their promises'

7th World Meeting of Families opens in Milan
The family is the irreplaceable school of communion

May 30

U.S. House begins debate on sex-selection abortion
Bill sponsors tie issue to civil rights of minorities, girls

Video catches Tx. clinic endorsing female feticide
Planned Parenthood coolly coaches death for baby girls

Texas Planned Parenthood fires videoed employee
Scapegoat fired for not following undisclosed protocol

Nuns group meeting over response to Vatican
'Crossroads moment' may end up being anticlimactic

Dominican nun to head USCCB Education office
Nashville Sister Fleming holds degree from Steubenville

Religious liberty group launches info website
Becket Fund gives complete view of mandate battle

Ontario's premier won't back down on gay issue
Gay-straight alliances pushed into Catholic schools

Pope deplores media coverage of Vatican scandal
Portrayal of Holy See 'does not correspond to reality'

May 29

Pope's butler arrested in 'Vatileaks' scandal
Confidential documents allege cronyism & corruption

Bishop Blaire clarifies HHS mandate comments
Stands 'solidly' with USCCB, wants 'open discussion'

Turkey's prime minister sparks abortion furor
He calls abortion murder, renews pronatalist policy

Cardinal Wuerl steps up criticism of president
On mandate: 'I don't want the president to define me'

Fargo bishop to lead Archdiocese of Denver
Calif. native Samuel Aquila to fill Chaput vacancy

Ontario Catholic schools fight gay agenda
Liberal government forces 'gay-straight alliances'

Australia: Greens MP targets Church assets
Bill has abuse victims sue the Catholic Church directly

Pope contrasts Pentecost with Tower of Babel
Pentecost shows human unity, understanding and sharing

May 25

Indian docs destroy evidence of female feticide
In city with worst record, aborted girls fed to dogs

Freedom caucuses planned for state legislatures
Aim: Fight erosion of religious liberty at local level

S. Carolina: Priest barred from saying jail Mass
At issue: Using one ounce of wine for a valid liturgy

Maine churches raise funds to fight gay marriage
Coalition forms to oppose upcoming ballot question

Catholic Association launches as voice for laymen
New group prepares June campaign, plans public action

House Republican cozies up to abortion zealots
Dold of Illinois parades self as protecting PP funding

India: Muslims set fire to Catholic church
Intimidation is goal in sole Muslim majority state

Vatican bank board fires its president
Banker censured for neglecting duties, poor management

May 24

Calif. bishop impugns USCCB's strategy on HHS
Stockton's Blaire embarks on dissent in America

'Pro-Choice' Americans at record-low: 41 percent
Gallup: U.S. now tilts pro-life by nine-point margin

Major TV networks ignore lawsuits against HHS
Bozell: 'They all but spiked' this huge legal action

Vietnam: Four Catholics jailed over 'propaganda'
Many more activists await possible long prison terms

Philly: Monsignor Lynn takes the witness stand
Says 'I did the best I could' within given parameters

Wis. abuse case winners forego punitive damages
Victims claim high road: Sought justice, not windfall

Parishes in Boston area fighting to reopen
Appeal to Apostolic Signatura after previous denials

Dolan keeps bishops' message in popular media
Reminds: The White House is 'strangling' the Church

May 23

African American leaders blast NAACP stance
Its new support of gay marriage offends rank and file

Legion leader knew in 2005 of Williams' child
Maciel's successor: 'Things are handled differently now'

Calif.: Franciscans release cache of abuse files
4,000 pages of confidential info given to the press

Ave Maria Univ. is second to drop health plans
Students are 'first victims' of diminished freedom

Secular society needs Catholicism, says Pope
Church gives wisdom, guidance to 'people of good will'

Fr. Weslin, Lambs of Christ founder, dies at 81
Grandfather, retired Army colonel was ordained in 1986

Vatican gives kudos to European soccer star
Catholic role model Drogba is compared to Tim Tebow

Louisiana Senate passes fetal pain bill
Law bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy

May 22

43 Catholic institutions file suit against HHS
Dolan: Our ministries 'are jeopardized by the mandate'

Chinese pro-life activist Chen arrives in U.S.
His extended family and supporters remain vulnerable

Fraud lawsuit against Diocese of Green Bay ends
Jury awards brothers $700,000 for past abuse/cover-up

U.K. Catholic schools benefit from Polish kids
Polish immigrants bring strong 'work ethos' to Britain

Pope calls on Chinese Catholics to be loyal
'Be faithful to Church and to the successor of Peter'

Sicilian bishop removed amid fraud accusations
Pope responds to police investigation of corruption

Silence is theme of Communications Day program
Diocese of Brooklyn furthers Pope's message to moderns

Survey of new ordinands shows 'typical' candidate
Average new priest is a 31-year-old cradle Catholic

May 21

Exorcist author brings suit against Georgetown
Prominent alumnus aims to restore its Catholic identity

Philly trial: 'Secret archives' & bishops' plot
Ad hoc committee guarded them 'from civil law discovery'

Church teaching and NFP touted as 'eco-friendly'
Educators, evangelists stress appealing 'green' aspect

Data reveals 'no groundswell' for gay marriage
Gays, especially lesbians, extremely likely to divorce

Chicago nun calls self 'hostess of the protest'
Sister Kathleen Desautels guides big anti-NATO rally

Sebelius invokes JFK speech at Georgetown
Advice: Weigh views, 'follow your own moral compass'

Bishops prepare for 'Fortnight for Freedom'
List of planned nationwide events grows ever larger

Pope holds out 'olive branch' to U.S. nuns
Reaffirms gratitude for 'self-sacrifice' of sisters

May 18

Legion regrets delay in Williams scandal case
Would've 'been better to act faster and more forcefully'

Obama keeps gay marriage stance at forefront
Issue is 'big contrast' in campaign, energizes donors

Few priests turn out to support Cardinal Brady
Just 20 of 150 clerics attend Irish diocesan gathering

Massachusetts church upsets gay activists
'Two men are friends not spouses' sign goes viral

Minn.: Former priests stand against Church
Group of 80 decries traditional marriage amendment

Cleveland parishes anxious to reopen churches
Pewsitters fear process 'is going to be dragged out'

Maine governor defunds abortion businesses
New budget strips PP, family planners of $400,000

Mob boss's tomb at Vatican church disinterred
Search for clues revives 1983 case of missing teen

May 17

Legionaries of Christ still unlearning secrecy
Cardinal DePaolis knew of Williams scandal for months

Philly court hears deliberate cover-up evidence
'Never admit to victims that there are other cases'

Ave Maria Univ. may drop student health plans
Huge Obamacare premium hikes will add insult to injury

Vatican laicizes convicted Canadian bishop
Disgraced child-porn addict receives severe penalty

Vatican talks with Fellay despite SSPX rift
CDF: The 3 other bishops will be dealt with separately

Cardinal speaks on Church's ties to Judaism
Koch: Vatican II teaching is 'binding on a Catholic'

Video of pro-life mom nears 10 million views
Tennessee woman refused abortion against advice

Pope preaches on family and work priorities
Work should not be an obstacle to family life

May 16

Franciscan Univ. drops student health insurance
Ohio college is first to do so, blames HHS mandate

Obama hires ex-Catholic for 'faith outreach'
New staff role created to address continuing criticism

Wm. Lori installed as new Archbishop of Baltimore
He'll be 16th leader of our nation's oldest diocese

Prominent Legion priest admits to having child
Williams issues apology, leaves public ministry

USCCB joins petition against U.S. nuclear policy
U.S. strategy 'is still burdened by Cold War thinking'

Cardinal Wuerl allegedly 'spars' with Georgetown
DeGioia slammed for 'shocking' invitation to Sebelius

USCCB submits official comments on HHS rules
Absent congressional action, last recourse is court

Reality TV influences trends of top baby names
Popular girl names change often, boy names more stable

May 15

Dolan addresses Catholic Univ. of America grads
Speech includes implicit critique of wayward Georgetown

D.C. archdiocesan paper slams Georgetown pick
Sebelius appearance is mark of school's secularization

Chicago Catholic Worker group storms Obama HQ
Protestors decry 'works of war' as NATO summit nears

Arizona governor signs religious freedom bill
Allows employers to opt out of contraception coverage

Big turnout: 15,000 at Rome March for Life
Marchers want to put abortion issue back on the table

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signs conscience law
Is fifth bill limiting abortion since he took office

Canadian bishops tell flock: Raise your voice
Catholics must rebel against keeping religion at home

U.S. seminarians win Rome soccer championship
Take title for first time in six years of Clericus Cup

May 14

Internal schism developing among SSPX leaders
Three bishops oppose Fellay over talks with Holy See

Fr. Robert Barron to head Mundelein Seminary
Chicago: High-profile media evangelist put in key role

Evangelicals praise Romney speech at Liberty U.
Romney covers all bases, affirms traditional marriage

Kennedy to speak at a Catholic college after all
Boston College books her after disinvite at Anna Maria

Canada's March for Life draws record crowd
20,000 'young, noisy' activists greet Parliament Hill

Iowa diocese & gay group reach 'compromise'
Activist to give award to grad, official reads 'script'

Diocese of Green Bay fraud trial to begin
Judge denies dismissal of sex abuse cover-up case

Australia forms ordinariate for ex-Anglicans
Pope continues successful model begun in U.K., U.S.

May 11

Theologians blast bishops on same-sex marriage
Three claim bishops hold 'idiosyncratic minority view'

Ursuline Academy nuns 'proud of' Melinda Gates
Dallas group lauds her 'dedication to social justice'

Causes of two possible U.S. saints advance
19th C. bishop and 20th C. sister declared 'venerable'

Promiscuity declines among high school kids
More abstinence leads to lowest birth rate in 70 years

Girl Scouts, USCCB committee resolving issues
Print materials with dodgy links have been changed

NARAL pro-abortion president Keenan to resign
Cites need for young leaders, as the pro-lifers have

Pope recognizes Hildegard of Bingen as saint
12th-century German mystic is role model for today

Phoenix SSPX school forfeits baseball final
Drops championship game over opponent's female player

May 10

Churches denounce Obama's gay marriage support
Catholic and Southern Baptist leaders express distress

Bold Obama invokes Christ and the Golden Rule
Black ministers will be crucial in president's gamble

Georgetown spokesman obfuscates Sebelius event
Diplomas to be distributed but it's 'not a commencement'

West Virginia Democrats vote anyone-but-Obama
Prison convict wins 40% of presidential primary vote

Egyptian Jesuit laments: Arab Spring is no more
'We donít know what a democracy is and how to make it'

U.S. House to hold fetal pain abortion hearing
New bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks in D.C.

Swiss Guard begins recruiting on Facebook
A slump in applications forces 'modern' outreach

'Perfect Family' movie: Virulently anti-Catholic
Sacrilegious film ridicules every aspect of Church

May 9

14,000 sign petition opposing Sebelius speech
Georgetown president and Cardinal Wuerl remain quiet

N.C. gay marriage ban passes by a wide margin
Republicans, African Americans made a 'potent' combo

Michigan: Legatus files suit against HHS mandate
Business group has over 4,000 members in 31 states

Melinda Gates seeks $4 billion for contraceptives
Faulty ideology rests on linking birth rate to poverty

Philippines: Catholic radio broadcaster killed
Church calls for justice in odd assassination case

Welsh Catholic schools warned: No politics!
They must give 'balanced perspective' on gay marriage

Philly clergy-abuse trial veers far afield
Defense lawyers complain of lost focus on charges

Historic California mission church vandalized
Fr. Serra original 1791 stone baptismal font broken

May 8

'Catholic' Biden reopens gay marriage issue
Obama spokesmen backtrack on comment, remain vague

Sebelius talk at Georgetown: 'Insulting' to all
Cardinal Newman Society leads protest of her speech

Anti-bullying advocate gives anti-Catholic rant
Dan Savage insults Pope during Elmhurst College speech

Calls for reform at Vatican pro-life academy
Failed conference may produce apologies, resignations

Iowa bishop disallows gay student's award
Catholic high school confused by fuzzy policies

Fetal flesh pills seized in S. Korea customs
Ghastly industries flourish due to China's policy

Wisconsin bishop steps into parish conflict
Parishioners 'revolt' against two orthodox pastors

U.S. seminarians soccer team goes to finals
North American College Martyrs hope to win the Cup

May 7

Sebelius is a Georgetown commencement speaker
HHS Secretary will address the Public Policy Institute

Church of England squabbles over choosing leader
Possible pick of black bishop ignites claims of racism

United Methodist Church rejects 'accommodation'
Affirms homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity

Five Philly priests are permanently removed
Others await as some are deemed 'unsuitable for ministry'

Priest says women too fussy in picking mate
Australian media reacts to 'dearth' of eligible men

Rise in U.S. seminary numbers delights the Pope
Full seminaries, even waiting lists, mark turned tide

Pope tells U.S. Catholic colleges to firm up
Encourages building a distinct intellectual culture

Anglicans mark Book of Common Prayer's 350th
Liturgical & literary masterpiece honored in London

May 4

Al Qaida man: Target Catholics for conversion
Told Osama bin Laden to use scandals against Church

Catholic colleges hold 'Lavender graduations'
Official homosexual event marked with 'rainbow tassel'

Ireland: Calls grow for cardinal to resign
Theologian thinks Brady has lost his moral authority

Blind Chinese activist seeks sanctuary in U.S.
Chen fears for family's safety if he stays in China

Seattle 'Support the Sisters' vigils planned
Call to Action to gather weekly outside cathedral

Catholic Church continues to grow in S. Korea
Over 130,000 adults were baptized there in 2011

Texas: Immigrant advocate spotlights torture
Corruption, injustice in Mexico is ignored here

U.K. ordinariate thanks Pope for big donation
It's a 'sign of his commitment to Christian unity'

May 3

Irish cardinal admits failure but won't resign
Acknowledges 'unhelpful culture of deference, silence'

The Catholic vote is the '2012 bellwether'
Gallup poll again draws attention to our swing vote

Vatican strengthens oversight of Caritas Int.
Umbrella group of aid agencies is unified, updated

Michigan Legislature prayer caucus criticized
Judeo-Christian basis provokes area Muslim activist

Philly: Decisions on accused priests imminent
Chaput holds closed-door meeting with his clergy

Anti-Catholic commencement speakers at USF
Jesuits honor pro-abort, pro-gay politician, judge

Fixtures from closed Dutch churches move on
Art experts find new homes abroad for sacred pieces

Mormons surge and Catholics decline in U.S.
Census: Only 48% of Americans are religious adherents

May 2

'Loose canon' on annulments may get tighter
Vatican examines broadly-interpreted canon 1095

Irish Cardinal Sean Brady in new controversy
Fresh abuse cover-up revelations further rock Church

Criticism mounts against activist Dan Savage
Anti-bullying speaker bullies teens about the Bible

BBC plans to broadcast live from abortion clinic
Pro-life groups anticipate biased radio presentation

England: 'Brain dead' teen recovers completely
Dad resists doctors, prevents harvesting of organs

Governor Deal signs fetal pain bill into law
Georgia is latest to ban abortion after 20 weeks

Appeals judge for now allows Texas to defund PP
Planned Parenthood excluded from state health program

Nigerian bishop: State security not working
Government too weak to deal with Islamist terrorism

May 1

Ireland: Priests must break confession seal
Proposed reporting law gives 5-year jail term penalty

N.Y. Times columnists flub Church issues
Vatican reform of LCWR treated without thought, facts

Dolan raises possibility of Supreme Court case
Church has option provided to 'any aggrieved citizen'

Second Catholic college disinvites speaker
Mercy College Ohio rescinds invite to pro-abort pol

State of emergency declared along Sudan border
Trade embargo and suspension of constitution follow

Georgetown won't offer students contraception
University will keep offering coverage to employees

Search for African warlord Kony continues
U.S. Special Forces, local troops pursue villain

Divestment campaign targets big U.S. banks
Grassroots effort aims to boost accountability

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