April 30

Support-the-nuns Twitter campaign takes U-turn
More orthodox crowd weighs in with unexpected view

Nigeria: 18 killed during university Mass
Motorcycle gunmen storm hall on a Sunday morning

China: Blind activist scales wall to escape
Human rights champion takes shelter in U.S. embassy

Calif. bill would outlaw gay therapy for teens
Psychologists prohibited from helping when requested

PepsiCo rejects using fetal cells in research
Boycott forces ethical response from corporate giant

Scotland: Gay marriage law threatens schools
Church doctrine would be barred even among Catholics

Syracuse priest holds 'Blessing of the Bikes'
29th annual service sees 500 motorcycles show up

Wikipedia founder lauds John XXIII encyclical
Pacem in Terris is 'in tune with modern thinking'

April 27

HHS hires Planned Parenthood media director
Former PP spokesman will work in public affairs role

Catholic renaissance in the Republican party?
Most of the likely VP choices are Catholic: A first

Ryan defends his plan against Catholic critics
Poor will be worse off with debt crisis, swollen gov't

Mass. bishop stands firm on Kennedy decision
McManus toes line despite 20,000-signature petition

Pope: U.S. can lead worldwide Church revival
Nuncio: You have the determination and grace to do it

Past president of nuns group saw problems
Recognized 'post-Christian mind-set' outside Church

Pope sees translation troubles in various places
Letter aims at 'pro multis' in the eucharistic prayer

Study: Opposition to same-sex marriage declines
Pew survey shows Catholics turning lukewarm on issue

April 26

Media presents 'Vatican vs. LCWR' as politics
Reform of U.S. nuns group: It's not about Obamacare

Pro-abort congresswoman abuses Church media
Why does bishop-funded news agency indulge DeLauro?

Swiss Jesuit center offers 'Sensuality' classes
Church leaders adopt wait-and-see attitude toward it

Libya bans religious parties from government
Liberal law is puzzling and unacceptable to Muslims

Bishops to Supreme Court: Reject Arizona law
USCCB weighs in on controversial immigration case

Paul Ryan to be met by protest at Georgetown
Social justice group will bring along 'GOP Jesus'

U.K. Catholic schools teach Catholic values
Secularists cry 'indoctrination' on marriage issue

Indian teen annuls her childhood 'marriage'
Rare case highlights illegal but common practice

April 25

Nearly 90 Georgetown faculty chide Paul Ryan
Letter challenges his 'misuse of Catholic teaching'

Girl Scouts, Catholic leaders discuss criticisms
Group's past ties, problems continue to be remedied

America editor launches Twitter rally for nuns
Tweet to support sisters and to react against Vatican?

Now more Mexicans leaving U.S. than entering it
1.4 million immigrants left between 2005 and 2010

Prime Minister's assurances to Church: Worthless
U.K. churches will be compelled to offer gay marriage

Proposed Kansas law endangers Church's liberty
'Anti-discrimination' forces gay marriage on churches

Chuck Colson dies at age 80, tributes pour in
Evangelical-Catholic ties, Prison Fellowship thrive

Indiana teacher sues diocese over her firing
In vitro case includes Disabilities Act 'violation'

April 24

Notre Dame Univ. profs demand removal of Jenky
Fifty faculty 'profoundly offended' by his remarks

Vatican action forces out LCWR's abortion views
Silence has masked gap between feminism, Catholicism

Bp. Sartain on nuns' reform: 'Great opportunity'
He'll 'facilitate relationships' & review practices

Catholic protests may hamper Obama reelection
Civil disobedience, arrests would be powerful symbols

Irish priest in gay-porn squabble granted leave
Claims no tie to displayed offensive Powerpoint pics

Anglican bishops 'rejoice' over gay marriage
But the official C of E spokesman contradicts them

Monsignor Lynn abuse cover-up trial continues
Philadelphia: Testimony has been emotional and intense

Canada: Secularist outrage at pro-life effort
Public funding of Catholic schools debate revisited

April 23

Greek economic crisis threatens Orthodox Church
Utter dependence on government dooms priests, services

Muslim mob burns Catholic church in Khartoum
Displaced Sudanese and refugees relied on the parish

Catholic student defends Norway mass murderer
Assumption College suspends senior indefinitely

Group takes 'consent message' to Oregon bars
Catholic Charities promotes sexual assault awareness

Scottish Catholic midwives launch case appeal
Abortions now done in labor wards for 'efficiency'

Poland: Thousands march for Catholic station
Broadcasting council denies access to TV channel

Blessed Kateri shrine turns down tourism grant
Church-state separationists scuttle modest award

Detroit church has 'Blessing of the Purses'
Ecumenical service prays for financial stability

April 20

U.S. nuns group 'stunned' by Vatican reprimand
Holy See addresses 'serious doctrinal problems'

Complaint filed with IRS over bishop's homily
Peoria diocese accused of intervening in campaign

U.K.: Victims alliance demands abuse inquiry
Churches have 'lost the right to police themselves'

Catholic activists turn tide on death penalty
Cradle-Catholic governors seen as key to movement

Boehner responds to bishops' criticism of plan
If we don't cut spending, poverty programs won't last

Supreme Knight addresses D.C. prayer breakfast
He calls for 'a new Great Awakening in America'

Prosecutor: Separate allegation against bishop
W. Virginia: Bransfield gives blanket denial of all

Miraculous healing investigated for priest's cause
Family looked to German WWII chaplain at Paris prisons

April 19

Vatican orders overhaul of U.S. nuns conference
Archbishop Sartain appointed to root out heterodoxy

Priest who headed child protection is accused
Former Arlington, Va. diocesan official put on leave

Canadian atheist group urges: Ban exorcisms
'Science advocates' worry over lack of regulation

U.S. bishops: Completely abolish Cuba embargo
Committee makes its case to Sec'y of State Clinton

West Virginia bishop accused of sex abuse
Witness at sensational Philly trial widens the net

Anti-Defamation League takes issue with Jenky
Homily on religious intolerance included Hitler, etc.

Trier, Germany marks 500 years of Pilgrimage
Half million souls expected to venerate the Holy Robe

Catholic doctors group defends Spanish bishop
Prelate had criticized destructive behaviors of gays

April 18

Vatican receives 'encouraging' SSPX response
'Step forward' could pave way for personal prelature

CBS/N.Y.Times poll: Obama & Romney in dead heat
Each received support from 46% of registered voters

Rep. Barney Frank: Obamacare was a 'mistake'
Liberal icon breaks ranks with Dems, to GOP's delight

Cleveland bishop to reopen 12 closed parishes
Lennon follows Vatican ruling on canon law violations

Bishops: GOP budget proposal fails moral test
USCCB reiterates demand that gov't protect the poor

71-year-old former nun attempts to be ordained
Schismatic Womenpriests stage latest event in Indy

Study: Belief in God strongest in Philippines
Weak belief, strong atheism found in east Germany

Mississippi tightens rules for abortionists
Lawmakers target the state's sole remaining clinic

April 17

Georgetown hosts Sandra Fluke contraception talk
Event was closed to 'outside press' and the public

Komen will keep funding Planned Parenthood in 2012
Past clash is veritable case study in unpreparedness

U.S. Army priest may get Congr. Medal of Honor
Korean War chaplain-hero also on path to sainthood

Ill. bishop gives rousing homily at men's march
Jenky: 'Heroic Catholicism' needed in nation's battle

Philippines: Priest receives international award
Gariguez's nickel mining fight earns 'green Nobel'

Salary gurus figure mother's yearly worth: $113K
Annual survey estimates value of stay-at-home moms

Bavarian band, dancers celebrate papal birthday
Pope: Party reflected 'all the stages in my life'

Cdl. George clarifies bishops' stance on mandate
'Political terms are not adequate to discuss' truth

April 16

Christchurch, N.Z. to try cardboard cathedral
Temporary structure includes wood, steel, concrete

Activist: Church must 'rebrand' sex teachings
Better NFP marketing emphasizes green, modern living

Winnipeg archbishop adopted by First Nations
Gesture aims to heal past school-related abuses

V.P. contender Marco Rubio is firmly Catholic
Florida senator claims loose tie with Mormonism

Mass. groups rally against assisted suicide
Doctor-prescribed death is a 2012 ballot initiative

Virginia protects faith-based adoption agencies
Gov. McDonnell affirms freedom of conscience law

Vatican summarizes Pontiff's accomplishments
Pope has eighty-fifth birthday, 7th papal anniversary

Oxford, Vatican libraries digitize ancient texts
1.5 million historic, rare texts to go free on-line

April 13

Pro-abortion group begins '40 Days of Prayer'
Pro-lifers criticize effort that perversely copies theirs

Ann Romney becomes focus of motherhood battle
GOP enjoys putting Dems on defense in 'war on women'

Seattle parishes say No to their archbishop
Some decline involvement in gay marriage roll-back

Connecticut passes bill to abolish death penalty
Catholic conference: A 'step in the right direction'

Austrian pastor resigns after cardinal's overrule
Schoenborn called 'model' but priest lacked support

University of San Diego drag show was 'fabulous'
Despite protest, plan is to make it an annual event

Irving Moskowitz gives $1 million to defeat Obama
Strong Israel backer works against Obama's policies

Iran: 12 Christians on trial for apostasy
Regime reacts to growing 'threat' of converts

April 12

Melinda Gates launches contraception initiative
Speaks as a Catholic with a 'noncontroversial' opinion

Bishops issue statement on religious liberty
Plan 'fortnight for freedom' for June 21st-July 4th

Anglican parish follows pastor into Church
U.K.: Brave flock seeks firm, unchanging teachings

Canada: Two Anglican bishops to enter Church
Parishes form Canadian Deanery of U.S. Ordinariate

Australian cardinal apologizes for Jew comments
During debate Pell implies intellectual, moral deficit

Vanderbilt Catholic group must change its name
School treats 'Christians as second-class citizens'

Peru: Pontifical university rejects deadline
School delays, refuses to accept Vatican guidelines

Pro-life effort saves over 800 babies in Lent
'40 Days for Life' reports large number of 'saves'

April 11

Rick Santorum bows out of GOP nomination race
Cites Romney's dominance, daughter's health concerns

Abuse scandal total: $2.49 billion since 2004
Most allegations occurred/began between 1960-1984

Church fields nearly 600 abuse claims in 2011
U.S. dioceses pay out $144 million in settlements

CCHD cuts funds to group with gay advocacy ties
Colorado nonprofit loses much due to poor decision

Drag show on Catholic campus draws protest
Univ. of San Diego president gives lame explanation

Univ. of Minnesota perpetuates Pius XII bashing
Will stage 'The Deputy' as part of Holocaust series

Catholic U. of A. celebrates 125th anniversary
Campus triples goal of giving 125,000 service hours

Rep. Paul Ryan credits Catholic social teaching
His plan: Subsidiarity, helping poor out of poverty

April 10

Irish priests' group reacts to Vatican 'gag move'
Silencing of dissident writer is 'heresy-hunting'

St. Thomas More is our model in the HHS battle
Fr. Paul Scalia instructs on conscience violations

Former Syriac Catholic patriarch dies at 81
Cardinal Daoud served in now-troubled Homs, Antioch

Nun testifies in Philly abuse cover-up trial
Whistle-blower axed after reporting porn magazines

Cubans flocked to churches on Good Friday
Services at cathedral broadcast live on television

Iran: Historic church and cemetery demolished
Landmark structure in city of Kerman bulldozed

N.Y. Times columnist accused of fabrication
Account of Catholic-turned-abortionist called 'tale'

Pope: Technology without God is dangerous
Darkness about God and values threatens existence

April 9

Pope calls on Syrian regime to end bloodshed
Easter message appeals for peace in Nigeria, Iraq

Cardinal O'Brien tells Christians: Wear crosses
Scottish prelate promotes a subtle, daily witness

Philippines: 17 'crucified' in re-enactments
Good Friday devotions proceed despite discouragement

Nigeria: Dozens dead in two-church bombing
More die as church building collapses in heavy rain

April 5

Pope: 'Live the Paschal Triduum intensely'
Greetings given for the summit of the Church year

Holy Land churches switch to Orthodox calendar
Ecumenical ties strengthened by alignment of Easter

Peru: Pontifical university claims conformity
Makes 11th-hour compliance with Vatican directives

Federal judge assigns Justice Dept. an essay
Obama's high court remarks are authority challenge

Vatican issues handbook for business leaders
Executives can avoid hazards of greed, exploitation

Pope denounces dissident Austrian priests
Holy Thursday homily exhorts against disobedience

Vatican stem cell research conference cancelled
Ambivalent stance of speakers, money are major factors

'October Baby' is a 'quiet hit' at theaters
Abortion survivor film does well despite competition

April 4

Cincinnati Xavier Univ. drops birth control
Jesuit school takes stand, some alumni protest it

Italian businessman gives Church $2.2 billion
Diocese has majority stake in international company

Obama shoots warning arrow at Supreme Court?
Aggressive statement anticipates Obamacare's fate

Justice Dept. drops lawsuit against pro-lifer
Feds back off and agree to pay Susan Pine's lawyers

Occupiers evicted from Church-owned building
San Francisco police nab 80 trespassing protestors

Bishops busy analyzing White House proposal
HHS is seeking comment on 'radically flawed' law

USCCB and CRS urge action on Sudan crisis
Catholics call on Clinton to step up U.S. efforts

Legionaries to sell New York formation center
Sale of 265-acre Thornwood symbolizes difficulties

April 3

Democrats consider response if Obamacare goes
Some may accuse Supreme Court of judicial activism

Austria: Cardinal overrules priest on gay issue
Schoenborn waffles over approving parish councilman

Pro-life atheists set up at atheist convention
'Secular Pro-Life' encounters hostility & bigotry

Dolan talks about Pres. Obama's broken promises
WSJ interview gives cardinal's view of controversies

Mexico: Eight arrested for human sacrifice
Suspects confess to three murders for 'Saint Death'

Vatican remembers passing of John Paul II
Seven years later, he is 'still alive and present'

Priest conducts 'exit poll' of former Catholics
Conclusion: Better catechesis will boost retention

Scottish pol suspended for internet comments
Called midwives who protested abortions 'old witches'

April 2

Cuba declares Good Friday a public holiday
Castro moved by the Pope's 'transcendental visit'

Cuba maintains 50-year ban on building churches
In most towns, Mass is celebrated in private homes

Anna Maria College cancels Kennedy speech
Local bishop refuses to honor public dissenters

Philippines: Bishops discourage crucifixions
Good Friday penitents urged toward internal focus

Pres. Obama makes video for Planned Parenthood
He pledges continued, unwavering support for abortion

Italian bishops: Ashes cannot be scattered
Cremation remains should be kept in the cemetery

St. John Neumann relics visit Washington D.C.
Tour for 200th birthday of parochial schools' founder

Baltimore Catholic school honors Bill Cosby
He & wife are big donors to St. Frances Academy

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