March 30

Law experts see 'bad omen' for Obamacare
Justices' questions offer predictor of outcome

Court upholds time limit for old abuse claims
Calif. Supreme Court quashes 'delayed discovery'

Sixth Anglican bishop ordained as Catholic
Mercer well known for 1970 stand against apartheid

Poland moves to cut gov't subsidies to Church
Rise of new anti-clerical party reveals big change

Quebec bishops oppose legalized euthanasia
Palliative care pushed over doctor-assisted death

Census: Ireland remains overwhelmingly Catholic
But a quarter of a million Irish declare 'no religion'

Irish bishops: God not missed by Europeans
Is the West tired of its faith, bored by its history?

Philippines: Students find trouble via Facebook
Indecent photos keep Catholic seniors from graduation

March 29

Cuba: Pope pushes freedom, against fanaticism
Fidel asks for books and explanation of pope's job

Philly abuse trial hears priests as witnesses
Priests apparently struggled with 'sexual sobriety'

Dolan speaks on White House dividing Church
'We can't back down' on religious freedom issue

Church in El Salvador arranges gang truce
Accord reduces daily murder rate by more than half

Contraceptives discussed on Catholic campuses
Sexuality, 'hook-up' culture topics come to fore

Illicit Chinese bishop ordains priests
Maryknoll priest from the U.S. concelebrates

Prolifers call for justice in shooting case
Some leaders question Florida's self-defense law

Project helps schools assess Catholic identity
Queries followed by observation of attitudes, habits

March 28

Fidel Castro requests 'a few minutes' with Pope
Outdoor Mass is held in historic Revolution Plaza

Lombardi: Pope interceded for Cuban dissidents
Some were detained specifically during papal visit

K.C. Bishop Finn's lawyer tries passing buck
Argues that duty to report abuse fell with another

Catholic group moves off Vanderbilt U. campus
School's non-discrimination policy is discriminatory

Chaput writes e-book about faith and liberty
Mistakes of past half century have 'come to harvest'

Illinois: Fake priest charged with felony fraud
Fleeced elderly woman to support renegade 'abbey'

Covenant defeated in most Anglican dioceses
Disagreement persists on key theological points

U.S. prison chaplains report on Muslim converts
Majority say Islam grows while Catholicism shrinks

March 27

Dawkins calls for open mockery of Catholics
20,000 atheists at rally told to 'challenge' us

Pope urges Cuba to build an open society
Raul Castro promises religious freedom to all

Supreme Court hears arguments on Obamacare
Case has most time allocated to an issue since 1960s

Catholic entities undermine bishops' authority
Groups of women religious split over core teachings

Judge: Federal grants to USCCB unconstitutional
Issue: Restricting funds for human-trafficking victims

Vietnam blocks visit of Vatican delegation
Expected talks about late exiled Cardinal Thuan

Santorum wins the Catholic vote in Louisiana
He won most evangelicals, nearly half of Catholics

Ad campaign targets African-American abortions
Fatherlessness, abortion are epidemic among blacks

March 26

Church opposes 'cremation' by chemical digestion
N.Y. bill allows 'green' treatment of human remains

Over 50,000 attend religious freedom rallies
Good turn-out reflects view of 'rank and file' folk

K.C. diocesan abuse policy is straightforward
Call police, then hotline, then diocese to report it

Toledo parish has been defrauded of $510,000
No suspects yet identified in 5-year investigation

Vatican's overturn of closures sparks hope
Cleveland decree being studied at many U.S. parishes

Pope achieves his goal at first Mexico visit
Now he moves on to spread faith and hope in Cuba

European bishops slam fatwa against churches
Top Saudi sheikh says churches should be destroyed

England: Metal thieves target old churches
Building parts, even a tabernacle, have been stolen

March 23

Alabama attorney general joins EWTN lawsuit
State's entry into suit is 'major step toward victory'

Poll: Is Obama Admin. unfriendly to religion?
Pew sees 'noticeable shift' in Catholics' perception

Catholic groups weigh in on Supreme Court case
Amicus briefs support & reject aspects of Obamacare

Europe: Gay marriage is not a human right
But, where it's legalized, churches must comply

U.S. delegation pushes contraception at U.N.
Deception used to force agenda at Women's Commission

Pope sets off on trip to Mexico and Cuba
Media notes his public use of a cane at airport

Indiana: Catholic schools drop 'finder's fees'
Conflict seen with state funds and referral bonuses

Egypt on list of religious freedom violators
Commission: Arab Spring hope turned to dismay

March 22

Historian debunks Dutch Church castrations
Story contains innuendo, lack of sourcing, context

Obama comments on N. Carolina ballot issue
State's bishops criticize president's intervention

Pope's Mexico trip clouded by past abuses
Just-released book drags Vatican into Maciel scandal

Vatican bank's image hurt over account closure
JP Morgan takes step due to 'lack of transparency'

Three U.S. dioceses see new bishops appointed
Bishop Wm. Lori moves from Bridgeport to Baltimore

Pope likely to again criticize Cuba embargo
He'll also call for greater freedoms, human rights

Vatican starts investigation of 'VatiLeaks'
Documents alleged serious financial misconduct

New Montreal archbishop is sign of reform
Quebec leadership change is new model for Canada

March 21

Boston archdiocese catches heat over salaries
Some employees' pay spikes as parishes are closed

Illinois convent battles next-door porn business
Club developer somehow 'overrode' state & local laws

Infighting drove Crystal Cathedral 'downfall'
Robt. Schuller's son: 'Sibling rivalry' smote church

Egypt: Christian family evicted from town
Extended family banished for brother's misdeeds

New HHS proposal allegedly expands exemption
Offer regarded as just another accounting gimmick

Report documents anti-Christian discrimination
85% of hate crimes in Europe are against Christians

March 23: Religious freedom rallies planned
Enthusiasm for protest grows in 120+ cities, towns

Sainthood cause advances for Fr. Walter Ciszek
Jesuit hero was imprisoned by Soviets for 23 years

March 20

Wisconsin: Law gives local control over sex ed
New choices allow for parent involvement, abstinence

Dutch youths castrated in Church institutions
Surgery used 'to get rid of homosexuality' in 1950s

Southern 'Catholic boom' sparks seminary plan
Convent & regional seminary come to North Carolina

Judge rules for breakaway church in St. Louis
Polish parish remains independent of local bishop

Bishops 'put legal pressure' on SNAP group
Church lawyers sue for disclosure of documents

Jordanian prince urges Arab Christians to stay
Christian emigration from region harms all citizens

Vatican reports on Irish child abuse scandals
Cdl. Brady expresses the 'sense of pain and shame'

St. Patrick's Cathedral to undergo restoration
Needed repairs will cost $175 million, take 5 years

March 19

White House offers new proposal on HHS mandate
'Third-party administrators' pay for contraceptives

Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury to step down
Williams is dogged by 'conflicts that won't go away'

Vatican: SSPX position insufficient for unity
Healing the existing rift is still the Pope's desire

Leader of Egyptian Coptic Church dies at 88
Sheikh: Egypt has lost rare man, wisest of its wise

Morocco: Girl's suicide forces look at laws
Rapists are pushed to marry victims for 'honor'

Press scrutinizes Komen-Church relationship
23 of 195 dioceses have 'questioned' ties to PP

India arrests priest wanted in the U.S.
Vatican recommended his removal from priesthood

Half million pack Dublin for St. Patrick's Day
Bomb hoax interrupts Catholic parade in Armagh

March 16

Bishops 'pressured' Komen to cut PP funding
Ohio diocesan bans on donations 'swayed' decision

Cuban police remove dissidents from church
Cardinal allows unarmed agents to end occupation

U.K. Archbp.: Gay couples are 'lifelong friends'
Nichols: 'What they are called to is not marriage'

N.Y.Times called anti-Catholic bigots, cowards
Ran ad attacking Church but not similar anti-Islam ad

Missouri business owner files suit against HHS
Catholic man rejects interference in private business

Vast humanitarian crisis underway in Sudan
Fighting in region has destroyed essential cropland

First S. African sainthood cause goes to Vatican
Benedict Daswa was killed for refusal of witchcraft

Australia: The Catholic Guy grows popular
Ordinary family man follows call to evangelize

March 15

Priest who withheld Eucharist defends himself
Statement gives facts of clash with lesbian, diocese

Quebec Church accused of coercing adoptions
Class-action suit derives from actions in 1950-60s

Fargo's Bp. Aquila reorders child sacraments
Pope praises putting Confirmation before Communion

Bishops: HHS mandate fight is top priority
Religious freedom campaign will tighten its focus

13 Cuban dissidents occupy church in Havana
Group demands audience with the Pope for advocacy

Most voters don't know Santorum is Catholic
Poll: Twice as many can identify Romney as a Mormon

Maryland gov speaks at New Ways Ministry Conf.
Cdl. O'Brien reiterates gay group's dissident status

Vatican: Water is a human right not commodity
Risk of seeing human beings as 'simply customers'

March 14

Poll: Americans favor Church in HHS struggle
When focus is kept on religious freedom, we prevail

Women's approval of Obama has dropped lately
Poll: President's rating by women has fallen 12%

Philly diocesan financial officer arrested
Employee of 20+ years stole almost $1 million

Cuban cardinal makes rare televised speech
Gov't grants opportunity to talk of papal visit

Canada: School board apologizes about pamphlet
Pornographic 'info' given to young teens at school

Suicide rates much higher among Protestants
European researchers cite strong community as factor

Long-lost Da Vinci mural may be discovered
'Battle of Anghiari' may be behind another fresco

Vatican newspaper praises Free Hugs Campaign
Strangers hugging each other is a 'gesture of hope'

March 13

Day of fasting urged to combat HHS mandate
Penna. bishops call for serious prayer, sacrifice

Nigerian church attack spurs new violence
Killings further harm public confidence in leaders

World's Catholic population grew 1.3% in 2010
New yearbook of Church statistics presented to Pope

Spain: Catholic hospitals are doing abortions
Pro-lifers call for commitment to Church teaching

Sudan: Half a million Christians must move
Gov't gives April 8 deadline to go to South Sudan

Hackers launch second attack on Vatican site?
'Anonymous' claims attacks are 'legitimate protest'

State legislatures consider limits to abortion
Waiting periods, safety, slashed funds are proposed

Botched-abortion survivor movie opens soon
'October Baby' includes actress's personal grief

March 12

Nigeria: Ten dead in Catholic church attack
Suicide car bombing echoes tactics of Islamist group

Priest put on leave for 'intimidating behavior'
Due to actions after 'Communion standoff' with lesbian

Lesbian denied communion found to be 'Buddhist'
Information published online reveals a 'born agitator'

Chinese TV's 'Interviews Before Execution' ends
Show features reporter talking to death row murderers

N.Y. Times runs most anti-Catholic ad ever
Freedom From Religion group utterly demonizes Church

English Catholics push against gay marriage
Archbishops' letter read aloud at all Sunday masses

Banks foreclosing churches in record numbers
Smaller-size houses of worship are affected the worst

Jewish commentary on New Testament published
First-ever book treats complete Christian scriptures

March 9

Vatican's techies beat back hacker attack
Hackers' signature banner never appeared on site

Philly schools need students, vouchers, donors
Chaput asks pupils to help even after graduation

Uganda: Film calls attention to atrocities
'Invisible Children' exposes Kony & abducted youth

Nigerian Islamists announce terror tactic
Kidnap Christian women, demand their families leave

Church must better explain sexuality teachings
Pope tells visiting U.S. bishops to focus on this

Eucharistic Congress to emphasize 'interiority'
Event will be characterized by humility, moderation

U.K.: Hacker held over breach of abortion site
Suspect threatens to release names of clinic clients

Vatican panel explores limits of theologians
Interpretation of the faith belongs to bishops, pope

March 8

'Anonymous' hackers take down Vatican website
Targets the 'corrupt' Church, not Christian faith

Va. governor signs ultrasound bill into law
Mandatory exam and 24-hour wait informs 'choice'

Vatican reverses Cleveland church closures
Diocese made 'substantive' errors with 13 parishes

Sacramento diocese drops funding local agency
Its new leader publicly supports abortion, gay rights

Pope: Our noisy world is an enemy of prayer
Silence is necessary for 'authentic listening' to God

Vatican City is on money-laundering risk list
It's a 'jurisdiction of concern' due to money inflow

Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury to meet
Their friendship survives 'tense' official relations

Murder charges dropped in Md. abortion case
Prosecutor lacked evidence of in-state deaths

March 7

Big beneficiary of HHS mandate? Drug companies
Obamacare rule will drive up the price of the Pill

Virginia legislature guards religious liberty
Bill allows agencies to refuse homosexual adoptions

Romney wins decisively among Ohio Catholics
Economic issues trump 'socially divisive' issues

Forbes profiles Catholic Relief Services president
Woo was dean of Notre Dame's Mendoza business school

Calif.: Death penalty ballot issue advances
Effort seeks to replace execution with life term

White House still negotiating HHS mandate
Talks proceed with 'other' Catholic officials

Fluke has also pushed for 'free' sex changes
Democrats' darling is a seasoned liberal activist

Christ's tunic to be displayed for veneration
Sacred garment kept in reliquary at Trier cathedral

March 6

'Birth-control activist' Fluke gives false info
One month of Pills: $9 (ten times less than claimed)

Obama's HHS aims to defund 'snowflake babies'
Embryo adoption dropped due to 'limited interest'

Dolan urges Catholics into the 'public square'
Informed political action is a charism of the laity

USCCB urges large reduction in nuclear weapons
White House is weighing cuts in U.S. nuclear forces

Scalia gives talk on 'the Christian as cretin'
'Sophisticated' society's perception of us isn't new

Preserved heart of St. Laurence O'Toole stolen
Dubliners lament loss of 12th-century saint's relic

Study: More 'church friends' boosts happiness
Well-being & health researchers ponder religiosity

Bible exhibit opens at St. Peter's Square
'Verbum Domini' shows 150+ manuscripts, artifacts

March 5

Ethicists: Newborns are not 'actual persons'
Claim killing newborns is no different from abortion

Rick Santorum's faith life laid bare by Times
Garry Wills: 'Santorum is not a Catholic, but a papist'

USCCB warns against 'preventive war' on Iran
Iran's recent acts 'do not justify military action'

Catholic senators voted 'against their own'
Conscience protections defeated by thirteen Dems

Future Spanish saint interceded for 3-year-old
Girl, now age 15, cured with no long-term effects

U.K.: Cardinal O'Brien slams gay marriage
It's wrong to deprive a child of a mother or father

Seminarians play soccer in annual Rome tourney
U.S. team, North American Martyrs, was fourth in 2011

Contraception battle in media gets uglier
Political theater: Fluke testimony, Limbaugh reaction

March 2

U.K.: Telegraph exposes sex-selection abortions
Health Secretary reports clinics and docs to police

Archdiocese of Washington apologizes to lesbian
Denied communicant asks for parish priest's removal

Catholic college sued over dorm sex complaint
Inaction on roommate's promiscuity worsened her ills

U.S. Senate votes to table Conscience Act
Bishops plan to redouble religious freedom efforts

NASA worker sues over intelligent design belief
Specialist says he was demoted after voicing opinion

Phila.: Catholicism an issue in jury selection
Potential jurors asked if their faith would sway them

New Zealand: Christchurch cathedral to be razed
Iconic structure suffered serious earthquake damage

Tornado destroys Illinois Catholic church
Marble altar and front entrance are all that's left

March 1

Religious freedom rallies planned: March 23
Groups invite all to rally outside federal buildings

CUA president helps bishops in mandate fight
Garvey asserts, 'HHS is acting on a political agenda'

U.S. Senate voting on Rights of Conscience Act
Blunt Amendment vote expected to be a 'showdown'

Liberal Catholic group issues a voter guide
Economy is first, then so-called 'pro-life' issues

Orthodox are grateful for Catholics' stance
'All 181 diocesan bishops have denounced mandate'

Poll: 63% of voters back contraception mandate
Birth control is not a top 2012 election year issue

Israeli president to combat holy-site vandals
Police to redouble efforts to find the culprits

Cardinal catches heat for stating the obvious
Portuguese prelate: It's best for mothers to be home

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