February 29

Bishop Lori testifies before House Judiciary Comm.
HHS's doublespeak and absurd results are highlighted

Catholic Advocate launches 'Consultation' video
Effort rallies for Conscience Act, against mandate

Midwives not allowed to object on abortion
Scottish judge rejects nurses' conscience case

Vietnam: Vatican asks for expanded presence
Church is encouraged to participate in 'development'

Santorum sparks debate over JFK's historic speech
Cultural landscape has changed greatly since 1960

D.C. priest denies communion to lesbian
Archdiocese: Public reprimand is against 'policy'

Illinois school tries 'gender segregation'
Pilot project seems promising for middle schoolers

Penna. judge dismisses atheist assault case
Victim's speech rights trumped by Muslim's ire

February 28

Susan B. Anthony List president raps HHS mandate
Signs letter asking Obama not to speak for all women

Church official asks Israeli president for help
Holy Land sites being attacked by 'Jewish extremists'

Monsignor Lynn's bid for dropped charges fails
Philadelphia abuse trial proceeds to jury selection

Researcher criticized by Catholic hospital group
Number of sterilizations dismissed but not rebutted

Boys Town founder to be named Servant of God
Archdiocese opens cause for Flanagan's beatification

Pope: Couples should shun artificial procreation
Arrogance and easy income drives infertility field

My Brother, the Pope book gives privileged look
Interviews with Msgr. Georg Ratzinger cover whole life

Nigeria: Suicide bomber attacks Christians
Islamist group claims responsibility for atrocity

February 27

Cardinal foresees extinction of our institutions
No Catholic hospitals unless HHS mandate is rescinded

Santorum defends role of religion in public life
Criticizes JFK's famous church-state separation speech

All four Philly Catholic high schools are saved
Key: Grassroots efforts and millions in donations

Pelosi: 'Church has not enforced' its own teaching
Catholics' contraception habits are given as evidence

Framing of HHS mandate debate is key for Church
Americans approve contraception but split on HHS rule

Former Regnum Christi ladies regroup in Chile
Archbishop creates Totus Tuus association of women

Former Anglicans celebrate Mass at St. Peter's
Ordinariate praised as 'Catholic way' of ecumenism

Kuwait parliamentary bloc begins crackdown
Islamic group to prohibit building of new churches

February 24

Seven states file lawsuit over HHS mandate
Contraception is one issue among broader challenges

Healthcare CEO slams Women Religious group
Mandate 'compromise' is tactic to divide the Church

Fla. Senator Marco Rubio has a 'Mormon past'
GOP star has ties to Protestant & Catholic churches

Bishops issue new letter condemning mandate
Dolan: Our rights don't depend on any gov't decision

Syria: Patriarch blasts Western media coverage
'Civil rights for all' precedes democracy building

BBC airs new docu-series called Catholics
First episode focuses on England's few seminarians

College debt poses roadblock for vocations
69% of religious orders refused indebted inquirers

Vatican to enter renewed talks with Vietnam
Better relations sought with home of 6m Catholics

February 23

Insurers don't think HHS mandate will cut costs
Survey of pharmacy directors contradicts Obama idea

Vatican-SSPX talks concluded, await decision
Source: 'All is currently in the hands of the Pope'

U.K.: Prelate rejects claim of 'persecution'
Bishop warns against inappropriate use of the word

EWTN explains HHS mandate's effect in N.Y. Times
CEO: 'We have no choice but to fight it in court'

Pharmacists can't be forced to violate conscience
Washington state loses suit over 'morning-after pill'

Bishops oppose casino gambling in Kentucky
Churches work to defeat governor's ballot proposal

Ill.: Diocesan 'personnel dispute' goes public
Bishop explains firing of priest who extemporizes Mass

N.J. pastor gives drive-through ash service
Priest offers 5 services in church and one outdoors

February 22

President Obama's war on religion has backfired
GOP opposition has been 'handed' its unifying issue

Ash Wednesday's not just for Catholics anymore
Ancient practice is increasingly observed by Protestants

New Jersey governor vetoes gay marriage bill
Christie: It 'should be left to the people' to decide

Villanova Univ. cancels gay artist's workshop
School cites its 'Catholic and Augustinian values'

Researcher: There are 3 discrete 'Catholic votes'
Latino, 'intentional' and 'cultural' Catholics are key

Ex-judge defends infamous forced-abortion ruling
Boston Univ. rescinds job offer after controversy

Dept. of Education: Catholic schools are best
Test scores show large two-decades-long disparity

Cardinal Dolan called 'rock star' of the Faith
Dolan's charisma and strong leadership are notable

February 21

Study: 48% of Catholic hospitals do sterilizations
Procedures occur despite bishops' public opposition

Group of 2,500 evangelical pastors oppose mandate
Leaders condemn any restriction on religious freedom

List: Prominent women give countercultural view
Journalist alarmed at 'the rewriting of facts' by media

Bishops 'fight for authority' over their flock
Mandate war exposes dissenting 'Catholic' institutions

Comboni missionaries turn attention to Europe
Europe has 'poverty of values, incapacity for sharing'

Ireland: Nuncio confirms Pope's disgust at abuse
'The Pope is resolute' to deal with abusers, help victims

Anglican priest stumps atheist Richard Dawkins
Fraser makes point with Chas. Darwin trivia challenge

Mexico: 'Great religiosity' shown sporadically
Faithful have developed a sort of 'homemade religion'

February 20

Timothy Dolan and 21 others elevated to cardinal
Group has sixteen Europeans and three North Americans

New top officials named for Legion of Christ
Cardinal de Paolis replaces two who resigned

Philly archdiocese to spare threatened schools
Appeals process allows approx. one-third to stay open

Catholic dissidents criticize Cuba & communism
Leaked cables reveal the Church's part in Cuban politics

Catholic Charities USA contradicts White House
Insists it has not endorsed HHS mandate compromise

Cardinal: Catholics seen as threat in India
Small Christian minority is target of extremists

Canada's high court dismisses religious case
Catholics can't opt out of state religion program

England: Seminary enrollment is on the rise
After all-time low in 2001, recruits have doubled

February 17

Oklahoma is latest to pass 'Personhood' bill
Senate passes bill to pro-life House and governor

Missouri: Bishop Finn seeks to dismiss charges
Claims he was not 'mandated' to report child abuse

Italian P.M. aims to end Church tax breaks
Difficult economy gives reason 'to push this through'

Nuns and priests arrested in Congo protest
Police turn violent on election-fraud protestors

Dolan: New York isn't like Sodom and Gomorrah
Much of community is 'religious, respectful, interested'

Pro-life 'Personhood' bill advances in Virginia
Effort seeks changes in legal code, not constitution

Catholic Santorum is 'out of step with nation'
His ideas on social issues are 'surprising, puzzling'

Actress-turned-nun movie nominated for Oscar
Documentary about Mother Dolores Hart offers hope

February 16

Catholic 'limousine liberals' rescued mandate
Spectator: Well-paid hospital CEOs divide the Church

Twelve attorneys general threaten HHS lawsuit
Mandate: 'an impermissible violation' of First Amendment

Sebelius admits to keeping bishops uninformed
Dodges question on conferring with pro-abort groups

Santorum's beliefs come under renewed scrutiny
Declared contraception is 'harmful to women' in 2006

Archbishop: Asia's next for sex-abuse scandals
Fears of shame will make for drawn-out disclosures

Two Colombian priests hired their own killers
Prosecutor: Suicide pact was disguised as robbery

Vatican newspaper brands leakers as 'wolves'
Recent leaks may indicate internal 'power struggle'

Catholic and public schools mull space-sharing
Edmonton: Play areas and gyms could be common ground

February 15

White House cleared 'compromise' with CHA head
Sr. Carol Keehan was an insider, bishops were not

Nuns' groups said to 'split' on Obama compromise
Sisters of Mercy & Conf. of Women Religious welcome it

Notre Dame, Jesuit colleges happy with compromise
They'll be 'working out the details' with the White House

Bishops plan expansion of HHS mandate battle
Campaign to rally against many government intrusions

White House, HHS, & allies spread false statistic
Debunked: '98% of Catholic women have contracepted'

Leader of Legion's consecrated women resigns
Ladies' branch in turmoil as 30 members break away

Mexico: Church draws fire for voting guidelines
'Provocative' document 'implicitly' violates law?

Louisiana Catholic schools have few empty seats
Jindal pushes vouchers in education improvement plan

February 14

200+ leaders denounce Obama's 'accommodation'
It's still coercion to supply same objectionable services

Congress, courts, politics are our next defense
The Church can prevail in 'court of public opinion'

Ontario Catholic teachers union: Shut off Wi-Fi
Group is wary of 'potential health and safety risk'

Catholic governor signs gay marriage law
She's 'proud' as Washington becomes 7th such state

Bishop exhorts Catholic pols who attack Church
Jenky is 'utterly scandalized' by Sebelius & Pelosi

Charity refuses donation from Planned Parenthood
Wisconsin food pantry refuses to give 'a photo op'

Kidney disease is epidemic in Central America
1 in 4 manual laborers afflicted by puzzling illness

Syrian bishop: Syria could become a new Iraq
'Christians will pay a heavy price' if diplomacy fails

February 13

Obama offers Church compromise on HHS mandate
Bishops not satisfied with shift of responsibility

Legislative push against mandate to continue
Senator calls Obama's revision 'accounting gimmick'

CHA & Catholic Charities welcome Obama plan
Groups break ranks with U.S. bishops over mandate

Mike Huckabee: 'We are all Catholics now'
Christians form bond fighting religious bigotry

Catholic school considers random drug tests
New Mexico principal: 'We have to be proactive'

Pope praises 'Jesus Our Contemporary' conference
Explains why Christ is more than a historical figure

Italian newspaper warns of threat against Pope
Vatican dismisses assassination plot as 'delirious'

High-profile lawsuit against Vatican withdrawn
Lawyers for 'John Doe 16' file voluntary dismissal

February 10

EWTN files lawsuit against HHS over mandate
Media giant keeps religious liberty as main issue

Secular journal says Humanae Vitae was right
'Admit It': all of Paul VI's warnings have come to be

Vital info is lacking in contraception flap
The Pill & other methods pose serious health risks

Church leaders use Internet against pedophiles
Center for Child Protection will be response network

Archbishop lists Church's abuse crisis mistakes
Being duped by offenders, believing in easy 'cures'...

HHS mandate defenders are going to extremes
Post writer doubts wisdom of the Founding Fathers

Lent begins renewed 'Catholics Come Home' effort
Campaign produced 'significant bumps in attendance'

Georgia justices allow assisted-suicide ads
State Supreme Court opens door to 'fringe advocates'

February 9

Vatican prosecutor condemns 'culture of silence'
Bishops told to follow Church & civil laws on abuse

Boehner to use legislative means to fight HHS
Committee's 'preparing to move quickly' on reversal

Philly monsignor seeks new abuse-case judge
Remarks show 'obvious' partiality to prosecutors

U.S. bishops speak against Calif. Prop. 8 ruling
It defies the will of voters, reflects 'confusion'

Milwaukee Archdiocese tries to dodge fraud case
Lawyers: Abuse victims missed timeline for claims

Planned Parenthood defends Obama from critics
National television ad campaign praises HHS mandate

Diocese of Orange asks public for suggestions
Crystal Cathedral's new name must be 'Christological'

College vending machine sells abortion pill
FDA looks into school's 'self-help care center'

February 8

154 bipartisan members of Congress oppose HHS
Group letter describes 'radical' attack on freedoms

Obama spokesmen send conflicting messages
'Willing to work with' Church, but won't back down

Obama sided with 'group of mostly female advisers'
Struggle within White House dragged on for months

Survey: Catholics back HHS mandate at higher rate
Democratic-affiliated polling firm gives timely stats

Fed. court overturns Calif. gay marriage ban
Prop. 8 ruling sets stage for Supreme Court case

Komen vice president resigns over funding flap
Concern over ties to Planned Parenthood ran deep

Rick Santorum delivers GOP (& Romney) stunner
Three-state sweep thrills religious conservatives

Prof. Kmiec rebukes Obama over mandate issue
Prominent Catholic gave his support in 2008 election

February 7

USCCB: White House misrepresents HHS mandate
Obama official's assertions receive sharp response

USA Today editorial board clashes with Sebelius
HHS Secretary's justifications 'sidestep' the issue

Santorum to Obama: 'We're not that stupid'
Pledges to campaign every day on the HHS mandate

Romney joins fight on contraception rules
Hones in on social issue that he rarely discusses

Pope sends appeal for 'profound renewal'
Abuse symposium must promote safety, victim support

Iran's Ayatollah calls for destruction of Jews
Preemptive plan counters expected Israeli attack

Catholicism's influence wanes in the Caribbean
Region faces hurdles including rise in evangelicalism

Further clarifications offered on HHS mandate
USCCB: 'Six Things Everyone Should Know' about it

February 6

Komen reverses decision on Planned Parenthood
'Deluge of opposition' surprises breast cancer charity

Army silenced chaplains on HHS mandate issue
Free speech and religious liberty violated from top

Vatican publicly responds to corruption charge
U.S. nuncio's past complaints dismissed as false

Two dozen Philadelphia schools appeal closures
Chaput's spokesman: 'Everything is under review'

Vatican prepares for major symposium on abuse
Church moves from denial to learning and prevention

Illinois priest resigns over improvised prayers
Belleville bishop tires of his off-the-cuff Masses

Vatican astronomer: Big Bang fits with faith
Exhibit planned for photos, minerals, & research

Chicago Catholic schools continue to grow
City enrollment has gone up for two years in a row

February 3

Pimps, traffickers flock to Super Bowl venue
Law enforcement, volunteers work to thwart sex trade

Obama talks faith at National Prayer Breakfast
He claims his Christian belief drives his policies

Planned Parenthood quickly fills funding gap
Supporters rally in reaction to Komen decision

John Boehner: Feds should back off HHS mandate
White House spokesman says the decision will stand

St. Louis has plan to fill its Catholic schools
Strong faith identity and state tax credits are key

Romney critics recall his shift on 'conscience'
Massachusetts saw injury to Catholic religious freedom

Chinese officials arrest 5 'underground' priests
Meeting at layman's home is stormed by police

'New atheist' plans London 'temple to atheism'
Writer borrows idea of awe-inspiring architecture

February 2

Susan B. Anthony prez: Most women are pro-life
Damage from abortion drives pro-life numbers up

One million Catholics to receive 'faith cards'
British bishops offer the faithful a daily reminder

U.S. Catholics asked to 'limit food spending'
USCCB: First Friday to have 'food insecurity' theme

Occupy protestors disrupt pro-life rally in R.I.
Group earns contempt by throwing condoms at girls

Birmingham, Ala. bishop discusses EWTN with Pope
Baker also tells of immigrants' issues in the South

Virginia senate passes pre-abortion ultrasounds
Revived bill takes informed consent to a new level

Abortion issue most worrying for Team Romney
Mitt's late pro-life 'conversion' still dogs him

Public charter schools use Catholic facilities
Dioceses lease and sell to inner-city 'competitors'

February 1

Susan G. Komen pulls Planned Parenthood funds
Charity prohibits grants to groups under investigation

Retired Philadelphia Cardinal Bevilacqua dies at 88
Ends debate over his competence to testify in trial

Catholic Latino leader calls HHS mandate insulting
'This administration takes the Hispanic vote for granted'

Senator introduces bill to reverse HHS mandate
Florida's Rubio pushes broader religious exemption

Southern Baptist leader applauds our bishops
Seminary president sounds alarm on religious liberty

Vatican rebuts charge of financial mismanagement
Italian newspaper report is latest of alleged scandals

Islamists in famine-hit Somalia ban Red Cross aid
Agency accused of proselytizing and giving 'unfit' food

Longest Married Couple contest winner named
Pair from Las Vegas, Nevada, were married in 1933

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