December 1997

Tolerant in Beverly Hills

I will not renew my subscription, which I began under the impression that your journal would contain reasoned articles on issues of faith relevant to the modern era. Instead, I’ve found most of the articles to be opinionated diatribes, and many of them to be insulting to persons of normal tolerance and intelligence because of their bigoted perspective.

Mary K. Hartigan
Beverly Hills, California

Toughing It Out in Minnesota

It is with heavy heart that I must allow my subscription to expire. Due to budget cuts my part-time tutoring position was not renewed, and because of a recent back injury I’ve been unable to seek employment elsewhere. My husband’s disability check — he’s a paraplegic with many organic problems — doesn’t allow for many “extras.”

Please don’t allow yourselves to be disheartened by the negative letters you receive. Their authors need prayers. The Enemy’s ways are clever and subtle, and people don’t realize they’ve been led away from the Truth — amazingly, often by their priests and nuns!

We will continue to pray for you and for all who are striving to teach the true Faith.

Rozann Huiras
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

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