December 1989, Volume LVI, Number 10

Communism: From Modernity’s Vanguard to History’s Rearguard
Letters to the Editor
Grasping Beauty... Benefits... Defending Michael Harrington’s Lack of Faith... Michael Harrington’s Theological Blunder
Raymond T. Gawronski
Sobornost: Piercing the Walls of Mind & Heart
Stratford Caldecott
On the “Greenness” of Catholicism & Its further “Greening”
John Dear
Dramatizing the Need to Rescue the Homeless
Michael Nelson
The Words of God
Robert Coles
The Underclass, Part V: Children & Violence
John C. Cort
The Piper Must be Paid — and Other Bad News
Stuart Gudowitz
The Practice of Mercy
Review of A Revolution of the Heart: Essays on the Catholic Worker
Bryant Burroughs
The Incoherence of Fundamentalism
Review of Catholicism and Fundamental­ism: The Attack on “Roman­ism” by “Bible Christians"
Briefly Reviewed
Review of Philosophy in Russia: From Herzen to Lenin and Berdyaev... What Is to Be Done?... The Call of Stories: Teaching and the Moral Imagination... Liberalism Ancient and Modern... Religion and Politics... Stigmata: An Investigation into the Mysterious Appearance of Christ’s Wounds in Hundreds of People from Medieval Italy to Modern America... The Book of Masks

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