December 2013, Volume LXXX, Number 10

Longevity & Faithfulness
Letters to the Editor
A Chilling Contrast... A Ludicrous Double Standard... The Relentlessness of Tested Love... Seven Years or Seven Days?... Readers Recommend Their Top Tens... The Twigs of Pride... Waiting for a Renaissance... Undoing the Soviet Smear Job
The News You May Have Missed
The Name that Is Above Every Name... Ecumenical Dialogue through Cricket... The Gospel According to Britney... SpongeBob GraveSite... New Tribal Rituals... Where Sex Doesn’t Sell... No Room in the “Hall of Honor”... Grace Under Pressure
New Oxford Notes
Pope Francis & the Primacy of Conscience... Pope Francis: Delight of the World
Maria Hsia Chang
Finding the Christ in His Apostles
D.Q. McInerny
On Science sans Context
Paul J. Utterback
The Devil in Our Midst
Regis Scanlon
On “Politicizing” the Eucharist
Lawrence B. Porter
Garry Wills’s Assault on Christian Faith
A review of Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition
Briefly Reviewed
Killing Jesus: A History

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