November 1987, Volume LIV, Number 9

Are We "Personalists"?
Letters to the Editor
John C. Cort
Discovering the Church in Harvard Yard
Christopher Derrick
Some Personal Memories of C.S. Lewis, an Incarnational Man
Iris Rozencwajg
Life in Consumer Catalogues (for Irina Ratushinskaya)
Robert Coles
The Secular Mind II: Positivism
James J. Thompson Jr.
Neither Trotskyism nor Neoconservatism
Review of American Writers and Radical Politics, 1900-39 by Eric Homberger, The Intellectual Follies by Lionel Abel, Out of Step by Sidney Hook, Will Herberg by Harry J. Ausmus, and The New York Intellectuals by Alan M. Wald
Briefly Reviewed

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