October 1997, Volume LXIV, Number 8

Letters to the Editor
Good for Laughs... David Slays Goliath, Again... Meeting L. Brent Bozell...
James E. Tynen
There’s No Priest Shortage
Brian Kurzhal
You’re an “Unborn Baby” if She Wants You, a “Terminated Fetus” if She Doesn’t
Thomas Storck
Is Economic Justice Possible in This World? (Is Chastity?)
David R. Carlin
Our Opponents in the Culture of Death
Jude McCabeus
Hitler: A Pioneer for the “Politically Correct”
Patrick Madrid
Discovering the Catholic Church’s Eastern Rite
Lawrence Petrus
Is the Washington Cathedral Really “Our Nation’s Cathedral”?
David Hartman
Remembering Van
Review of The Little Lost Marion and Other Mercies
Briefly Reviewed
Review of Arianism and Other Heresies

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