October 1995, Volume LXII, Number 8

Barry Bossa
St. Vincent Pallotti & the Oxford Movement
Letters to the Editor
Have Faith... Abortion Cures 'Abortion'... Productivity: It's In the Eye of the Beholder... The Root Cause of the Decline of the Family... Second Incomes Raise Prices... Balloon Catholicism... What Gives Evangelicals Their Verve?...
Bobby Jindal
How to Witness to Your Faith
James K. Fitzpatrick
The Counterculture Turns Right (Economically)
Andrew Sorokowski
The Blessings of Downward Mobility
Brett Webb-Mitchell
A Protestant View of Physical Gestures in Church Life
Robert Coles
P.M. Aliazzi
The Way Jesuits Used to Be
Patricia Wesley
Trapped In the Rhetoric of 'Choice'
Review of Real Choices: Offering Practical, Life-Affirming Alternatives to Abortion
David Hartman
The Snake Handlers
Review of Salvation on Sand Mountain
Briefly Reviewed
Review of The Priest

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