October 1994, Volume LXI, Number 7

The Civilization of Love
Letters to the Editor
Mod-Catholics Driving Me to Fundamentalism... No Excuses for Irreverence... A Baptist Against Private Interpretation... Hear Kreeft 'Do' Lewis, Aquinas & Luther... Ecumenically Unclear...
Mark P. Shea
The Resurrection & the Priesthood: Only the Real Thing, Please
Eric Brende
The Technological Society: Where What's Artificial Seems Natural
Edwin Fusell
The Aesthetics of God
Robert Coles
Ralph Ellison's Angle of Vision
John Warwick Montgomery
The Famous In France: Why They Believe
Aaron W. Godfrey
Pretending to Be a Monk
Paul C. Fox
'Whether You're Human Depends on How I Feel About You'
Fred Beckley
The Death of the Last Human Being Ever Born
A review of The Children of Men
Dale Vree
Newman's Advice to Anglo-Catholics
A review of Anglican Difficulties

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