October 1992, Volume LIX, Number 8

Letters to the Editor
Authentic Sex Is Never "Safe"... Sex and Sacredness... Flannery O'Connor's Vision... Nouwen and Bellah
John Mark Reynolds
Are Fundamentalists Really So Bad?
Thomas Storck
The Superficiality of “Left” & “Right”
Jean Bethke Elshtain
The Incarnational Mind vs. the Captive Mind
John Warwick Montgomery
Eugen Drewermann’s Trivialization of Theology
Robert N. Bellah
The Looming Triumph of Gnosticism
Review of The American Religion by Harold Bloom
Celia Wolf-Devine
Toward a Family-Friendly America
Review of When the Bough Breaks by Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Christopher Nugent
Mysticism as "Priesthood"
Review of Teresa of Avila by Rowan Williams, Juana Ines de la Cruz and the Theology of Beauty by George H. Tavard, and Life as Prayer and Other Writings of Evelyn Underhill edited by Lucy Menzies
Gary Mar
Postmodernism: Overreacting to Positivism
Review of Dear Carnap, Dean Van by W.V. Quine & Rudolf Carnap, Beyond Analytic Philosophy by Hao Wang, and Science and Relativism by Larry Laudan
David Denton
The Power of Christian Conscience
Review of Witness edited by George Sanderlin
Jeff Dietrich
Gambling with Creation
Review of The Technological Bluff by Jacques Ellul
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Towards a Society that Serves Its People: The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador’s Murdered Jesuits... Only the Lover Sings: Art and Contemplation... Conversations with Robert Coles

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