October 1991, Volume LIX, Number 8

Letters to the Editor
Mrs. Jesus... The Supremacy of Conscience... The Berkeley Carpenter...
...on Transcending Ideological Conformity
With contributions by Robert Coles, Will D. Campbell, Ronda Chervin, John C. Cort, Stanley Hauerwas, James G. Hanink, Amitai Etzioni, James Seaton, Dale Vree, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Ronald Austin, Christopher Lasch
John J. Reilly
Spooky Jesus, Uncanny Christianity
Michael E. Smith
Darwinism & Christian Belief
Review of Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson
Briefly Reviewed
Great Possessions: An Amish Farmer's Journal... The Church: Pilgrim of Centuries... Iraq: Military Victory, Moral Defeat... William James, Public Philosopher...

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