October 1988, Volume LV, Number 8

Letters to the Editor
Philip E. Devine
The Nihilism & Atheism of Allan Bloom
Michael Nelson
Reclaiming Jonathan Edwards for Political Progressivism
Bill Kauffman
The Mormons Reconsidered
Robert Coles
Raymond Carver’s Dying Chekhov
John C. Cort
Fathers, Mothers & Children
James J. Thompson Jr.
Two Disgruntled Catholics: Pat Buchanan & Bill Buckley
Review of Right from the Beginning by Patrick J. Buchanan and William F. Buckley, Jr. by John B. Judis
James G. Hanink
Thou Shalt Do No Nuclear Murder, Nor Intend To
Review of Nuclear Deterrence, Morality and Realism by John Finnis, Joseph M. Boyle Jr., and Germain Grisez
Briefly Reviewed

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