September 1999, Volume LXVI, Number 8

Letters to the Editor
Catholic Ad Policy?... Defensive War vs. Total War... "John Paul the Great"? Not Quite... Reverence to a Fault... Spiritual Body...
New Oxford Notes
Zorro & Bathsheba... The Lady & the Fox... A Bunch of Self-Promoters?... Cardinal Insubordination
Mark T. Lickona
The Cartoon Saga of Unholy Moses
Marian E. Crowe
Can We Revitalize Catholic Higher Education?
Ansgar Santogrossi
Father in Heaven & Fathers on Earth
Joseph Tussman
The Religion of the Marketplace
John Schommer
"Jesus is God": Can That Statement Be True for Me but False for You?
James K. Fitzpatrick
I Confess
Paul C. Fox
Genes as God
Review of The Genetic Gods: Evolution and Belief in Human Affairs
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Thomas Aquinas: Theologian... The Dying of the Light: The Disengagement of Colleges and Universities From Their Christian Churches... Human Dignity and Contemporary Liberalism... Jesus in the Image of God: A Challenge to Christlikeness...

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