September 1998, Volume LXV, Number 8

Letters to the Editor
Finding the Right Door... About the Register, etc... Okay, the Register Isn't Insipid... Catholics Aren't Stupid...
Marian E. Crowe
One Humdrum Catholic & Apostolic Church?
Andrew McCracken
The Long Conversion of Oscar Wilde
Robert Greer Cohn
The Rift Between the Finest Minds & the Limp Academics Now in Power
Kenneth D. Whitehead
Unhappy Anniversary: Humanae Vitae at 30
Donald DeMarco
Contraception & Compromised Intimacy
Rupert J. Ederer
Our Economy of Paper & Hot Air
Joseph Collison
From "Babies Having Babies" to Babies Hating Babies
Paul Koenen
Necessary, but Not Sufficient
Review of Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham
William J. Tighe
Neither Old nor Catholic
Review of The Old Catholic Phenomenon
Briefly Reviewed
Review of Catholic Converts: British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome

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