September 1994, Volume LXI, Number 7

Letters to the Editor
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Hammer... 'Dumpster Diving'... Howler... Read This, My Dear Moldweed... From Descartes to Woodstock... Bring Back Curfews... Catholic Schools Are in Danger, Too...
Bernard D. Green
The Gnostic Temptation in the Catholic Church
Gordon C. Zahn
The D-Day Commemorations
Robert Coles
Remembering Christopher Lasch
John Warwick Montgomery
The Religion of Dr. Johnson
Charles Helms
What's In a Name?
Jean Bethke Elshtain
German Protestant Resistance to Hitler
A review of For the Soul of the People: Protestant Protest Against Hitler
Giorgio Buccellati
A Rabbinic Disputation With Jesus
A review of A Rabbi Talks With Jesus
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Solzhenitsyn and the Modern World... An Introduction to Moral Theol­ogy... George Grant: A Biography... ...

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