July-August 2014, Volume LXXXI, Number 6

Letters to the Editor
A Dull Plodder... Plowing the Sea... Clarifying the "Clarification"... On the Origin of Virtues... Reasonable Grounds... Freighted with Meaning... A Farce of Monumental Proportions... The Endgame... Not Above Informed Criticism... Social Justice: A Trojan Horse
The News You May Have Missed
The Weight Limit of Love... The Gay Divorcé... Feminist Quote Hotline... A Social Tapestry for Seniors... Wanted: Social-Media Sarcasm Detector... Retrograde Forces... National Association for the Advancement of…Abortion?... Here Xe Comes... The Apple of His Eye
New Oxford Notes
A Manufactured Controversy
Marcelo A. D’Asero
The Davidic Typological Basis for the Dogma of the Assumption
Stanley T. Grip Jr.
Otto von Habsburg, the Kaiser Who Never Was
J. Jacob Tawney
The Fourfold Problems of Facebook
Melinda Selmys
Redeeming Foucault
Harriet Murphy
Sisters of Perpetual Victimhood
A review of Spiritual Leadership for Challenging Times: Presidential Addresses from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Howard P. Kainz
The Church: God Writing Straight with Crooked Lines
A review of History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium
Briefly Reviewed
The True Believer: Faith, Reason, and the Truth in the Light of the Analogy of Being: A Catholic Perspective on the World’s Great Religions, Philosophies and Ideologies... Bakhita: From Slave to Saint

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