July-August 2013, Volume LXXX, Number 6

Glancing to the Past, Bracing for the Future
Letters to the Editor
This Is Somewhere... Cardinal Mahony: The Video... Suffering & Death... Faith in the Face of Baleful Forces... Curtailing the Courts... Applause for a Grand Project... Don’t Die on Us!... Is Pope Francis Flouting Tradition?
The News You May Have Missed
Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse... Paging Doctor Dolphin... Company Loyalty: Only Skin Deep?... Is a Kiss Still Just a Kiss?... Broomstick Ban... Lesbian Asylum... BC's Betrayal... Purchase a Piece of History
New Oxford Notes
The French Revolution, Part Deux... Big Sister Is Listening to You
William Newton
Same-Sex “Marriage” & the Totalitarian Notion of Civil Authority
Keith Hopkins
On Shakespeare’s Supposed Catholicity
Thom Nickels
The Trials of Following One’s Conscience
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Where Religion Went Wrong in America
A review of Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics
Briefly Reviewed
Trent: What Happened at the Council

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